So I called Seagate in advance to make sure but... (using a NAS drive in a desktop)


Apr 28, 2007
The helium drives are considerably quieter than the regular air ones as well. I shucked a WD_Black D10 12TB which is a 7200 rpm HC520 and it's just as quiet as my older 5400 rpm 8TB Reds that i threw it into an array with to test it. I think that's going to be my new go to for shucking, great deal for a datacenter drive.
I agree for new drives but I'd be wary of earlier drives sold as new old stock helium drives.
I have one He8 and 2x He10 HGST drives.
The He8 is as noisy (rumble) and as hot as my worst normal drive.
The He10s are both extremely quiet and run quite a lot cooler, at least 6C less.