So, am I the only one that AMD treats like a criminal when requesting an RMA?


Aug 28, 2008
I actually think it's more insidious than that. I wouldn't put it past companies like Intel and AMD to intentionally design it that way so they have an out when it comes to RMAs. "Oops, you pulled out the pins of the CPU when taking it out to RMA it. Sorry, you're fucked. Thanks for the money, btw."

They are that evil when designing shit and making decisions.
It is called designed obsolescence. There is a tipping point for every product where the bean counters cut it off. Research light bulbs. Car makers for example have a cut off point where a flaw can cause so many deaths before they do a recall because of the costs of doing so.


Jan 31, 2003
I had an Intel cpu fail. It had an intermittent bad math processor. I was extremely lucky how it was caught. But, a phone call to Intel, literally 2 minutes talking with a tech establishing my bona fides and describing the test failure, and they cross-shipped me a new processor. Had it within a day or two...on a 5 (?) year old cpu.

I was stunned that I had a bad cpu...but I did. So, it is very rare, but it does happen.
When was this? I RMA'd my 9900X that died in Aug 2019 and it took them about a month to send me a check as they had 0 CPUs in stock at all.
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