Snapchat Announces Plan to Monetize Public Posts by Users

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    Apr 10, 2003
    Snapchat has a new feature called Our Stories that has proven extremely popular on the social media site. These are Snapchat editorially curated stories that draw upon public snapchat posts. The plan for the new monetized version is to allow media partners to stitch together public Our Stories content into an editorial with advertising incorporated. Snapchat and the media partner will split ad revenue from the venture.

    Snapchat users create over 3 billion Snaps each day -- but only a fraction of those are shared publicly. The new partner-curated Stories are an extension of Our Stories, which Snapchat launched in early 2015. That content, which is assembled by Snap's in-house editorial team, has proven very popular: In the past month, over 75 million people have watched Our Stories on Snapchat's Discover.
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    Cool. So they call it 'Our Stories' made by unpaid public contributors. This is why the internet is so great. Get 15 minutes seconds of fame and nothing else. For free!
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    I must be behind the times, as I thought snapchat was only for sending nudes.
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