Smart Stupid People Click Phishing Links

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    Agree right down the line until the end ...... disabling html is one more step that can be taken when warranted following a proper risk analysis. In other words, if your use case points to a high risk from html vulnerabilities in email it should be disabled, particularly if it's not needed to support current or planned business practices. But if you use embedded html in email and your organization won't incur serious risk .... it would be worth the risk to keep it.

    You can't paint across IT security with a broad brush, you have to go through the moves, examine processes and evaluate risks. You know this or you wouldn't have written what you did above, you are just focused on your own use case and see it from that perspective. Therefore you are right.... from your own company's use case.
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    it is AP. Extremely untrustworthy when it comes to Russian news. ( or any news of any country the US and it's allies deem as hostile or where news is deemed as inconvenient ie Middle Eastern allies)

    So take it with a bucket of salt.
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    Nov 9, 2017
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    Had a coworker who came from Lockheed Martin. He talked about how earlier this decade (around 2010-2012 -ish) a coworker had plans for a new stealth fighter. That same coworker had limewire installed on his WORK computer for listening to music. Low and behold one file ended up in the wrong folder. Six months later and reports come out that Russia is working on a fighter very similar to theirs. Needless to say, the worker was canned.