Smart Home Gadgets/Appliances


Jun 11, 2007
Hope this is the right forum - I couldn't see a more apt one.

So I've recently been thinking of getting a Nest and some Belkin WeMo outlets. Anyone have any experience with these? Things they might wanna share? Alternatives or other 'smart' home appliances?

The Nest is the one I want the most; as when I go on vacation I can leave the central air off, turn it on when my plane lands upon returning home/on the car trip home - and come home to a nice comfy temperature

The WeMo I was wondering if any of you have any experience with - particularly for an HTPC. I was wondering if turning it off would actually power the comp off - or put it to sleep depending on the comp's settings. It would come in handy until Ceton enables wake on wan for the companion app that I currently use for my HTPC. But even then, it still has uses. Being able to work with services like 'If This Than That' I could have it send photos/videos I take with my phone to my HTPC via various services; or other 'recipes' seen here for various devices I plug into it (also they have a motion sensor that you can make 'recipies' for alone, or in conjunction with the power switch):

So any other cool smart home devices you guys have/are curious about? Or am I just being a super nerd and wasting my money :p
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