Smallest Case for Dual Antec 920 or H80 CLC


Apr 21, 2005
Summer is approaching and my GTX 670 + i7 920 simply can't handle the heat without high-RPM fans.

I'm not quite ready to go custom water yet, but I feel like doing something rather silly.

Does anyone know of the smallest case (mITX or mATX) that would be able to accommodate two of these thick CLCs with dual GTs on both? The preference is mITX, but I'd like to avoid cutting up the case.

Bonus points if the case doesn't have any glossy plastic on it; I absolutely despise that stuff!
The Bitfenix Prodigy Mitx case would do it, but it does have the front and top/bottom handles plastic.
there are no mitx 1366 motherboards, so you've got to go matx if you want to keep your i7 920.
Would the Zalman ZM-T1 fit the two rads with an optical drive and a 266mm GPU?
Would the Zalman ZM-T1 fit the two rads with an optical drive and a 266mm GPU?

Well it has 2x 120 spots up top and 1x in the front.

Assuming there is even room in any of the spots for the rads:
You can top mount the CPU loop but I don't know if there is room for a long card and a rad in the front. You can not top mount both rads and keep the optical drive. The tubes may also not be long enough to reach the video card from the top mount position if you choose to forego the optical drive.
That said, without having the parts on hand I can only guess that this probably isn't the case you are looking for.
What if I went with two lower profile CLCs like the LQ-315s and only had pull fans on each?

At this point I'm aiming for the smallest mATX case that will fit two rads.

The PS07 and 350D are both larger than my current Elite 341; it looks like the ZM-T1 is smaller in all dimensions except for height (~1 inch taller).