Small business needs a new logo


Supreme [H]ardness
Nov 11, 2003
So, I work for a company that has been in business for over 50 years (have about 40 employees) and the current logo on our business cards, marketing folders is so out dated and bulky we are in dire need of a redesign. The problem is, my Senior VP and the Owner are old school and the new business card design resembles that. We need a simple logo that can be put on business cards and can also be embroidered on shirts so everything matches.

Does anyone have any recommendations on places to go to get some quotes for logo work done? How much does a logo design usually cost or just a place to go to get some examples to try to persuade them?

I am trying to persuade them to go with a new "hip" design, something like google, HBO, Yahoo. How they are simple and get the point across. My executives think that more is more but its just so cluttered and cant be embroidered on our shirts and marketing printing is getting costly.
Usually community colleges have a graphics design department. Talk to your local one and ask how much they would charge.
Logo design is incredibly difficult. Coming from the perspective of wanting/needing something that is iconic and simple and plays well on a variety of media.

If people don't know what your logo "means" then it fails. If it is overly complex, it fails. If it isn't easily remembered, it fails.
To get something good, you'd probably have to spend a few hours to a few days with a designer explaining what the company is all about, what your position is in the market, where you're trying to go, and how you want to represent yourself.
Then hopefully working with a designer you can trust and has a track record of creating good results. People scoff when they hear excellent designers creating a logo can be upwards and even over 6 figures. But considering that this should/could represent the company for 20 years plus, the investment cost "relatively" speaking is minimal. Try to explain this to the higher ups. Get the maximum budget you can, and shop around like crazy.
If this is serious business then it shouldn't be taken lightly. It will appear on everything and represent your company. Thinking "just get something now, and we'll make a new logo 2-5 years out" is a terrible idea. The cost of rebranding isn't just the monetary cost. The real cost is reprogramming everyone that has seen the previous logo into knowing your new logo (Pepsi as an example rebranded a few years ago. Even though it's mostly accepted, it looked "weird" for several years to even their most loyal of customers). Take your time. Do it right the first time.
i second that logo design is very hard. I have been trying to learn inkscape to recreate and redesign stuff on my own. This guy has some tutorials (how I found him), but also has a halfway decent portfolio.

Youtube channel:

I do not know him nor ordered anything form him so I cannot personally review his work, but I figured I should pass it along since finding it.