Slowest cpu any one has put a 3080 RTX in, I’ll go first

Jun 4, 2008
So I sold my main rig because my buddy really wanted it. All I had to use was this only i5-3330 system my son use to use. Well I got I got the Diablo 4 beta and it runs like complete crap. Also it’s a 1060 3g card. So I was looking at video cards on Facebook marketplace. Guy was selling off his mining cards. Was going to get a 3060 ti dell single 8 pin for cheap to use. But he was sold out. Had a few 3080s left got one for 400 bucks. Well I had to Frankenstein a case and rig together to make it work 🤣 So what’s you all slow cpu on a fast gpu setup? Also I have a z690 board and 1600 watt psu waiting on new build. So this is only temporary.
4 2080ti's on a 2600k? Or a 3070ti and a 2070 super on a 2600k? Don't game on them but do have those running.
i had my rx 580 on a C2D for a while, but i think you guys still got that beat....
6700K with a 3090 almost 2yrs ago, but it refused to function, couldnt even get a post.

Mobo gave a ram error code but the ram was fine and different ram didnt help.
PSU was brand new Seasonic Titanium, an older PSU also no joy (that PSU now runs the 3090 in a 10700K based system).
Updated mobo bios, no luck.
Bit of a mystery cos that 6700K system is still running rock stable with a 1080ti.
This thread makes me want to fire up my old Sony Viao with Intel P4 and see if it will still run. If it does then see what it will run.
Just purchased a 3080 Ti from [H] FSFT
Waiting on a X570 mobo (new 5900X build), but just might pop it into my 4770K rig to play around with.
I ran an AMD Sempron 3000+ and a RTX 2080ti for two years until I finally got the cash to buy my friend's old i-5 2320 rig.
Testing. My 3080 died and EVGA wanted me to see what it showed in device manager so I tossed it in this machine along with a Quadro card.
It booted up and the 3080 was listed in the device manager but then blue screened right after and then the PC wouldn't post with the 3080 installed.
This pic was when the replacement arrived, put them both in the board, took a pic, and then posted that I was upset that they removed the SLI tabs so I couldn't SLI my 3080's, lol.

here is a pic of the setup without the 3080
Typical Craigslist gaming PC - "Crosshair VIII Hero" and "3080 Ti", will play Fortnite just fine! ;)
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I could throw this 3090 in an AMD ITX E-350 but that has a PCI 2.0... lol the PCI 3.0 I have is a Q9550 but I don't want to but it would be kinda funny to see a 3DMark score.
Have a 13900k with ddr5 6000 coming Tuesday.. I’m going to run some 3dMark on the old setup and new setup just to see the difference. I’ll post up the results.