Slow UEFI boot, Ultra Fast boot slow but Legacy Mode Faster


Limp Gawd
Jul 16, 2018
Hi I recently just converted my MBR Windows 10 dual boot to GPT/UEFI. I was coming from an old X58 build which of course only used MBR.

So I used MBR2GPT.exe to convert and everything worked. I turned off CSM on my Z490 Taichi BIOS so it's only UEFI from what I can see. But now, it takes my system 22:30 secs on average to get to the Windows dual boot screen.

Before in Legacy mode, it used to take no more than 15 secs or even 10 secs. I never timed it but this new UEFI was slow enough that I had to time it now.

SO i went to my bios to choose Fast boot. I only had the option for Ultra Fast. Not Fast. I thought all motherboards were supposd to have a Fast Boot option as well.

Anyways I selected Ultra Fast time but the time didn't really change. It just prevented me from being able to use my keyboard to interrupt booting. Boot time on Ultra Fast was 22:28 secs

Now my system is Overclocked. i9-10850K at 5Ghz and Ram at 4000mhz via XMP 2.0
Bbut I wouldn't think this would affect booting?