Slow 50MB/s file sharing in Win7

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  1. SvenBent

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    Sep 13, 2008
    I have dropped fomr my ususal 105MB/s file transgfer from/to my file server, down to only 50MB/s and I cant figure out why

    Cat5e cables on both server and client connected to a buffalo 24 ports 1GBit switch
    9k jumbo frames enabled on both client and server

    Windows 7 Pro
    Core 2 quad 9400
    Intel onboard nic.
    1 kingston V300 SSD for OS
    4x samsung 1TB 7200RPM HDD in raid 5 for data
    Atto speed = 250-300MB/s locally on this raid 5 array

    Windows 7 pro
    Core i7 3770k
    Onboard realtek nic
    1x samsung 850pro for OS/programs
    2x 300GB velociraptors 10k RPM in raid 1 for data/work area
    Atto speed on the mapped drive is 5-50MB/s

    File copy speed fomr server til client, done on client is 45-50MB/s

    I've tried:
    disabled buffer flushing on the raid 5 array - did not help
    Disabling large send offload on the server nic - did not help
    Enabling large system cache - did not help
    Disabled/uninstalle all AV - did not help

    Any suggestion to what i cant do to get my 105MB/s transfer rate back ?
  2. SvenBent

    SvenBent 2[H]4U

    Sep 13, 2008
    Disabling jumbo frames and im back on 100MB/S

    Well that sucks
  3. Mackintire

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    Jun 28, 2004
    If you want to know go back and re-enable jumbo frames:

    Open a CMD prompt on the client and use ping.exe to check the max size of the packets and compare that to your Jumbo Frames settings.

    ping -l 1500 -f server Normal frame

    ping -l 4096 -f server Little Jumbo Frames (I see this occasionally on older switches and inexpensive switches)

    ping -l 9000 -f server Normal Jumbo frames

    Keep in mind that the maximum performance difference you will see by using Jumbo Frames is around 20%
  4. boss6021

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    Oct 11, 2006
    Jumbo frames are not as useful as they used to be with the rise in faster processing power. Unless you have a specific need for jumbo frames, I wouldn't bother with them.
  5. SvenBent

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    Sep 13, 2008
    Already did this and during the 9k settings it did get 9070ish bytes before it would drop the packaged due to fragmentation. :(

    -- edit --
    Just tried with 4k jumob frames (4050 succeede ping packet) im at around 85MB/s file transfer rate.
    Soo no jumbo frames it is

    1500 = 105MB/S
    4000 = 85MB/S
    9000 = 60MB/S
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