Slow 2d performance with GTX 470


Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2005
I posted an earlier thread about how Pro level apps like Blender and 3DSMax run about 1/4 of the speed of my 8800GTX, and in addition to this I am also noticing that Windows itself is quite pokey as well compared to my older card. I did some benchmarking using Passmark's performance test, and my card is showing as having roughly half the speed of my 8800GTX in the 2d tests. I was just wondering if anyone would be willing to run the small benchmark on their machines and post their results here. I did look through the result database, and the numbers are all over the map making hard to make heads or tails of the results. For reference, my system is a QX6700 @ 3.2 Ghz with 8 gigs of PC6400 ram, and a MSI GTX 470. I am running the tests at 1920x1200x32 with Vysnch off.

Thanks in advance for any help! I would really like to get these performance issues sorted out. It sounds like I am not alone with the Blender, 3dsMax, and Maya issue as other users are also experiencing a fraction of the performance of their GeForce 8 and 9 series of cards, but hopefully there is a way to at least get back the snappy feel of my old card when working within windows. I have also tried disabling the adaptive power settings as I thought that the throttling down of my card might be causing the sluggishness.

Here is a link to the benchmark:


Limp Gawd
Feb 2, 2005
Here are my Passmark 2D results, by the way.

PassMark(TM) PerformanceTest 7.0 Evaluation Version (
Results generated on: August-23-10

Benchmark Results

Test Name: This Computer
CPU - Integer Math: 1540.7
CPU - Floating Point Math: 2049.3
CPU - Find Prime Numbers: 841.3
CPU - SSE: 13.0
CPU - Compression: 6839.1
CPU - Encryption: 20.0
CPU - Physics: 257.2
CPU - String Sorting: 1979.6
Graphics 2D - Solid Vectors: 1.5
Graphics 2D - Transparent Vectors: 1.5
Graphics 2D - Complex Vectors: 105.4
Graphics 2D - Fonts and Text: 160.7
Graphics 2D - Windows Interface: 74.7
Graphics 2D - Image Filters: 287.6
2D Graphics - Image Rendering: 401.5

Graphics 3D - Simple: 3338.2
Graphics 3D - Medium: 1659.0
Graphics 3D - Complex: 58.9
Graphics 3D - DirectX 10: 42.1
Memory - Allocate Small Block: 3794.4
Memory - Read Cached: 2834.2
Memory - Read Uncached: 2497.8
Memory - Write: 2103.6
Memory - Large RAM: 3739.1
Disk - Sequential Read: 87.0
Disk - Sequential Write: 90.0
Disk - Random Seek + RW: 3.0
CD - Read: 6.3
CPU Mark: 4422.5
2D Graphics Mark: 313.9
Memory Mark: 1643.1
Disk Mark: 651.3
CD Mark: 772.4
3D Graphics Mark: 2879.5
PassMark Rating: 1693.4

System information: This Computer
CPU Manufacturer: GenuineIntel
Number of CPU: 1
Cores per CPU: 4
CPU Type: Intel Core2 Quad @ 2.66GHz
CPU Speed: 3208.1 MHz
Cache size: 4096KB
O/S: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Total RAM: 8189.8 MB.
Available RAM: 6188.6 MB.
Video settings: 1920x1200x32
Video driver:
BIOS: Version 70.0.1a.0.3
DATE: 7-26-2010
Drive Letter: C
Total Disk Space: 139.6 GBytes
Cluster Size: 4.0 KBytes
File system: NTFS