Slim fan <15 mm thick compilation

Nov 21, 2015
Thank you so much, I've been looking for a list like this. Mostly as I've been thinking about a good slim 140mm fan to use in Necere's slim case concept (it's like fantasy baseball to me honestly). I think the Prolimatech Ultra Sleek Vortex 14 would be best because of that insane airflow and low noise. Honestly, that fan would be amazing in any SFF case that can benefit from airflow, tho it cannot really replace a heatsink fan. I would love to see a slim 140mm fan from Noctua, but it's such a niche market for those, I don't expect them to do it.


Jul 17, 2016
Found another slim fan. This time, a 120 x 20mm from Jonsbo.

Unfortunately, very little info on the performance.

But a promising review on the Noctua NF-A12x15 from Overclockers. Looks like this has amazing potential as a radiator fan!!


Sep 19, 2015
I would love to see a slim 140mm fan from Noctua, but it's such a niche market for those, I don't expect them to do it.

"Other A-series fan prototypes...
...slim 140x15...
All of these prototypes are still being fine-tuned and won’t be released before the second half of 2018."


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There's a filter on it by default now? I had to click to enable the other widths.

I don't see Prolimatech stuff on there - I've got their Vortex 12 (120mm, 15mm thick) and they also have a 140mm version.

(edit, wait, I see it now. There was also a filter enabled in the "PWM" column when I opened the link, so it was only showing non-PWM fans).

Do you all know Frozen CPU? They have an index in their store of fans by size, including thickness:

Great shop.


Jun 10, 2020
hey so, I know this thread and list are both ridiculously old, but I've been unable to find any other resource like it, anyway, I was just wondering where the specs for the fans on this list came from, as they don't seem to match the official ones at all.

for example, the titan extreme 120x15mm fan is listed on here as having 3300 RPM max speed, 51.5 CFM of airflow, and 3.96 mm/h2o static pressure, but the official spec sheet lists it as having a max speed of only 1500 RPM and 1.27 mm/h2o static pressure. the CFM is the same though.

similar with the rosewill, the RPM and pressure are much lower on the official specs, but the cfm is actually higher on the official specs. so I was just wondering what's going on with that. are these newer revisions with lower specs? or were the fans overvolted to get the numbers on this chart?


Aug 25, 2014
Man, did someone shit on this list. I came in to do some research for a friend and this list is butchered.. at least what I see is...


Mar 9, 2000
Hey all, its been a while. It's getting close to rebuilding time, and I have been looking into slim fans to fit in our beloved sff systems. I am mostly interested in the highest static pressure, but I compiled a list of all of the slim fans I know of with the company listed specs and thought you lovely bunch of people would like to see it.

Slim Fan List

Let me know if I missed anything or if you feel any of the specs are wrong. Also if any of you have any personal experience with any of them let me know.

I can tell you I have experience with the Sythe slip stream M series mounted on a Alpha Cool ST30 and they are LAME!!!

wow just yesterday I needed this info as my Kraken z53 fan would come in contact with the water pump when mounting it on the side. I went with

Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM​