Sleeping Dogs Gameplay Performance and IQ Review @ [H]

The game is not using more than 60% of my 670 gpu. Weird. I get random slowdowns in areas that I should not like my apartment. Sigh. Maybe it is bc I am running the game from my D drive bc my ssd is a 64gb with just the OS on it.
I have two 680's getting 98% usage. Framerate seems to be 60-90 FPS on the best playable GTX680 settings found in the review.

I am about an hour and a half in and have been completely sucked into the game. Definitely glad I picked it up on steam today! I got the guide too, it was only $5 bucks. Total $29.99, a steal from what I have seen so far.
I don't get what people are saying when saying playable or unplayable. There are so many factors to consider when looking at playable other than just frame rate.

The biggest factor is motion blur, the more blur a game has when sending images to your eye, the less the frame rate has to be to give your brain fluidity in motion. For example, most films were only played at 28 fps and still gave a fluid non-choppy picture because of blur, contrast, etc. Sleeping dogs makes great use of blur and various interrupts to break up that choppy look at lower frame rates. I play it on the ultra settings on my HD7970 with about 40FPS and it looks as fluid as film.

Keep in mind I'm a developer and graphic designer, so I am very critical of what I see and how it is perceived by the human eye. With the built in augments to human vision that this game has employed, I would say calling it "playable" at 60FPS would almost be considered overkill or even elitist in your methods of judging it's play ability. I managed to get the frame rate down to 32FPS in some sections and the design of the game's imagery and motion STILL eliminated any choppy feel and made it look as fluid as any movie I've seen.

All in all, many are correct in perception of what is playable and what is not. But when looking at that you can't simply take math and arbitrary numbers applied to any game you play when not all games are created equal. Depending on graphic tricks, camera tactics and angles to augment human perception's downfalls, and various physics employed by the game's engine, the term playable in relation to a game's frame rate can be adjusted because of the way the human eye processes images moving objects.