SKYF Drone Lifts 220 Pounds


Mar 3, 2018
The Russian drone company SKYF has apparently broken the world record for the heaviest weight to be lifted by a remote controlled multicopter. According to their website, the "SKYF" drone features a 220hp gasoline engine that drives 2 large rotors for lift, while "small" electric motors power 4 sets of smaller fans for stability and maneuvering. The "Cargo" variant of the monster drone managed to carry a 220 pound payload about 330 feet, while an "Agro" variant successfully tested a crop dusting system.

The demonstration fell short of the company's 551 pound payload claim, but they did manage to capture the record setting run on video, which you can see here.

The cost of a SKYF flight hour is calculated to be ten times lower compared to a helicopter. A fuel use rate is calculated at 30 liters per hour. The drone uses ordinary gasoline instead of expensive aviation fuel that makes maintenance cheaper and more accessible . SKYF plans to reach a significant export potential as a simple, roomy and multipurpose machine that can be used for tundra, taiga and deserts even under extreme temperatures. Several European countries, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Japan, and Sweden have already expressed interest in the $225,000 apiece machines.
And that is the first Hunter-Killer the machines will set after us.
And that is the first Hunter-Killer the machines will set after us.
Yes, they chase you like a zombie rentlessly for up to 330km and when you stop moving it drops a 440kg payload of a giant metal cube onto you from high above. It's the ACME Hunter Killer robot.
They're kinda getting cherry picky with the record selection there. Yes, it's technically a multi-copter hybrid (uses gas for lift and electric for stability), but it's not the first drone to lift this weight.

The Lockheed Kaman K-Max unmanned variant lifts 6,000 lbs.
These things are still soooooo far from being any sorts of viable use imo..