SK41G not very modded but....



I'm pretty happy with it. Probably going to do push-pull on the ICE and I can see meshing the side panels one of these days. Thanks to Mange for pointing me at this desk, I was looking forever for something compact and height adjustable.

Inside: SK41G w/ Athlon XP 2000+ (Thornton core), 2X 256 Corsair XMS PC3200, eVGA GeForce4 MX440 (out of here soon), Samsung SpinPoint 80GB, Lite-On DVD/CD-RW 16x52x24x52x, Manrake Linux 10 OE

Outside: iiyama ProLite E380s 15" LCD, Logitech MX510, JBL Creature II speakers, Ortek mini keyboard.




more to come... ;)
stealth the drive, and finish off the picture, and get a silver sharpie and paint ur headphone and mic port in the front, but i do like the front picture, did ya replace the front plexi with that kit from shuttle? or it came without the silver stripe?
cause when i tried to remove the silver strip from my sn45g, sheeet, it smeered it bad, and i have a black carbon fiber background that makes it show more

mange_ :: if ya read his post, they are JBL creature II , :D

let me guess, is that an ikea desk?
Mange, they are JBL Creature IIs, they are very nice and have good range, and the size and color really fit the whole look. Thanks again for the tip on the desk

Paulm, it's the kit from Shuttle. I plan t stealth the drive once I settle on if it's the drive that will stay, still considering popping in a DVD-R/W before I do the stealth. The silver sharpy is a good idea, I'll have to do that.

And yes, it's another Ikea desk. :D
I am curious where you found the pic for the front.
I have seen quite a few Shuttles with the different pics, just wanting to see more.