SK Hynix to Spend $107 Billion on Four New Memory Chip Factories


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Apr 10, 2003
SK Hynix has announced that it is building four new memory chip plants that will cost $107 billion. Construction of the plants will begin in 2022 at a 4.5 million square meter site that is south of Seoul. SK Hynix is expected to invest $49 billion into 2 existing plants. Next-generation chips and DRAM are expected to be manufactured at the sites. Even though there is a downturn in the memory market now, SK Hynix is preparing for cutting edge technologies such as 5G and self-driving vehicles.

"Though there is not enough chip demand for autonomous cars now, I believe there will be much more demand for self-driving vehicles in the next 10 years or as early as in 2023 or 2024," said analyst Kim Young-gun at Mirae Asset Daewoo. "That will create more chip demand for SK Hynix," as will the commercialization of 5G networks over the next few years, Kim said.
War is n Korea isn't going to happen. Else there wouldn't be investments like this. That's my take.

Oh, and I guess we'll finally see some lower prices.
Bold move cotton. I'm never a person to challenge forward thinking in an organization.
Yes, I've got an order here for a mister ray ban. Did someone order a set of teeth.
107 BILLION dollars? So like, 1 quarter year of the profits they've been raking in with the RAM price gouging they've been partaking in...
107 Billion is an insane investment. One wrong flood and hard drive prices will spike! Oh thats right....
They can cover this with financing easy. Plus don't forget how much of this investment is already baked in to their financial statements. This is part of how these companies make their pocket books not look so grotesqly overloaded. Like the oil companies they reinvest to up production.