Siri - a sack of bricks


American Hero
Mar 25, 2003
I know there's a few out there that like Siri, but from most of my interactions requesting information, she falls apart - can't search the internet while driving, etc. Google assistant has (IMO) always been much better, and there are some work-arounds to get it into the iPhone "hey siri... ok google" although this doesn't work while using Carplay. BestBuy has the Anker Bolt on sale today for nearly half off ($30 vs $50)- this is a lighter adapter that provides Google Assistant and connects via bluetooth via the Assistant app. I've generally read that it doesn't work with CarPlay, but at half off, I thought I would give it a try. Once I got it set up the way the product wanted to be set up Bolt -> iPhone -> Car with Bluetooth being used for both linkages, I switched over to carplay and gave it a try. Worked fine. It can't launch other applications such as Spotify, but Siri does fine with these - for the questions such as "what are some nearby movie times" I now have Google in my car.