Singularity Computers has updated the Protium

Feb 6, 2013
The last time we saw an update from Singularity in terms of reservoirs was a strangely shaped distro for close to $400, no pump included. It seems they have updated the protium series by mounting the D5 sideways, allowing for different mounting positions, sort of. I know that singularity has been the darling of enthusiasts for a while, but I have had leak issues with a protium that was shipped with a gasket that was too thin and another that was shipped with a bent mounting bar. By the way, those are easy to bend. Combine this with the shady use of the word "combo" that they continue to use with these protiums( you have to dig deep in the description to find they don't come with a pump just a cheap aluminum pump cover), and I find myself disappointed. Add in the fact that Aquacomputer and EK are offering reservoirs with pumps at the same price point and both are arguably better looking, this seems like a terrible buy. What do you guys think?