Simple question to a simple problem

Apr 10, 2003
I recently reinstalled Windows 2000 on my family's laptop here, so that it wouldn't run so sluggishly slow on Windows XP with only 256 MB of RAM. Now, I've run into a peculiar problem that's router based. I'm running my sister's system with Windows XP and this laptop on the same network at their apartment. However, the Linksys BEFSR41 4-port switch is assigning each computer the same IP address, causing conflict. Is there a way in the router settings to easily and manually assign each computer a separate IP address? I'm fairly confident that Cox Communications provides 3 IP addresses for each owner of their cable internet services.

Dark Assassin


Jan 30, 2002
I've never used Cox Cable so I can't be sure but I find it hard to believe that any Cable Internet provider would supply multiple, static IP addresses without you paying extra for it.

With that said, the BEFSR41 is not a switch, it is a router. Do you know how to get into the management console for the BEFSR41? Default is IP and default security is blank username and password "admin".

Check to see if DHCP is enabled, meaning that the BEFSR41 provides IP addresses to each client. Look at the DHCP clients table and see if all three computers show up. And, go into each computer and see if DHCP is turned on or if you have specified an IP address. If you specified addresses, either turn on DHCP or make sure they are unique IPs.
Finally, restart the computers or go to the command prompt and do a ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew