Silverstone TJ09 owner what's new best case money can buy for new build.


Limp Gawd
Aug 5, 2003
At a time I bought the best case there was :) Silverstone TJ09... but time is passing... I'm planning to build new system on 2011 socked and looking for upgrading old papa case :)
SO what's the best nowadays regarding airflow, cable management, quietness?
I read very good opinions about Silverstone Fortress FT02? But also heard about Corsair Obsidian and Graphite... so it's a puzzle for me what to get. I was recommended here on this very forum my TJ09 so I'm hopping again for help from fellow system builders :)


Jul 17, 2010
i know the silverstone raven chassis are considered pretty pro for cable management and airflow (the ones with 90 degree rotated mobo) also if you really want to get serial check out mountainmods you can pick one of their prebuilt cases or they will design a complete custom case for you. be warned that the base price of such a case is $350 and doesnt even include optical or hard drive bays so it will be expensive to get what you want, but such is the price of exclusivity.

you could also check out windy cases from japan, i believe they are shipping worldwide now (although expect to pay $200 for the shipping charge) they make absolutely stunning (and expensive) aluminum cases. they are totally drool worthy.

there is always the lvl 10 if all else fails, i dunno if you can still get them though. pretty impressive case if you have $1000 lying around to spend on one.