Silicon Mechanics


Apr 4, 2009
Anyone have any experience with this company. We are in desperate need of an ESXi server farm refresh and my CFO is screaming for CHEAP hardware.

They seem very reasonably priced, but I can't find much in the way of testimonials, etc.

That's the great thing about CFO's, they don't understand the concept of "you get what you pay for" :D

Seriously, it looks like they're just a Supermicro wholesaler. Some of the best barebones stuff you cant get. I wouldn't be that nervous about it, provided they keep parts available.
How many are you buying and how big is the company? I would think Dell could compete with those prices.
Yeah. First, go talk to a good Dell/HP/Cisco partner. Don't base server pricing on what is on or'll get better pricing via a partner. THEN you can compare apples to built oranges.
Thanks for the responses. We are just buying 2 servers to begin with. My Dell rep quoted me 2 R710 servers at just over $13k. Add vmware licenses to that and my CFO has a coronary...
I've heard good stuff about them. They are a Supermicro builder, and I've never had an issue with Supermicro.
Thanks for the responses. We are just buying 2 servers to begin with. My Dell rep quoted me 2 R710 servers at just over $13k. Add vmware licenses to that and my CFO has a coronary...

Which VMware licensing?
- 15y ago graphic design computer just in memory alone costed us over 10k each for 256Mo of RAM.
- 10y ago most basic server with the minimum security (raid, bbu, etc...) at least 3k each without UPS
- Today you get 2 cluster that will run 10 to 40 server and they complain it's cost 13k.....

One funny story to change the mood:

Story 1:
I used to have the same problem when buying CAD system 5y ago, the boss was complaining of the cost of the station and that he could get computer for as cheap as 500.00$ at the local store around the block instead of the 4k station we were getting.

I went and got one just to shut him up, it lasted 2 weeks before the employe i gave the computer to literally throw the computer on the boss office floor in piece while yelling he just have lost over 70% of his time with that "pi*ce of shit" and now the project will be done with at least 2 weeks delay because of the new computer we got him to replace his other computer.

Funny how i never heard that guy complain about pricing after that.

Story 2:
Same company, around same time as story 1 and same boss....

I just had finish the basic of the new network at a company i just started at, when i came in the old IT had the place under a total mess. Anyway i get router and Exchange server up and running, i started migrating account from the external POP server (VPS) to Exchange, i had about 200 accounts in 5 different office & country to move.

Now that the basic run with what i had i need to put in place security, they just spend 70k on a shitty ECM i told them not to buy cause it will gather dust cause it's was such a crap product no one will ever want to use it (which actually happened).

The staff was massively watch streaming video online all day long, streaming radio also basically eating out most of the f*cking bandwidth i had. On top of that there was almost no anti-virus... actually no legal one. I didn't have firewall either which was killing me. I had a 50 pages report done and send to the boss showing him all the flaws in the system and what was required to secure correctly the company assets.

As you probably imagine i got a no as answer... too expensive! Will never happen! The world live in peace.etc.....

About 2 months after the nightmare began. I had almost no security from the internet to the company while on the inside i had absolutely none. One of the staff computer in our office in Romania got a virus which was using the network to send massive amount of SPAM.

We got out mails servers from 3 office blacklist, we couldn't figure out what the hell was happening since we didn't have the tools required to do so. Our staff in our office move a lot sometime, in a month they can be in 5 difference office. Since i didn't know the schedule of all of the 150 staff member we couldn't pin-point the origin of the problem.

We had a 5 days of nightmare, in that about 30% of the time the mail we were sending weren't getting up to our clients since our system and IP were blacklisted EVERYWHERE!

When i finally got a hold on the damm computer that was infected and gave my report like the CAD computer i got no more questions when asking for equipment or budget.

We in most case have a job, a specialization, experiences.... but f*ck it's crazy how direction always seem to doubt about us like we were kids in a toy store.

sounds very familiar. I hear stories like that alot. We are the ones that go through hell to make their lives easier... but I still like what i do.


we have to use enterprise vmware licensing for high availability and vMotion. wish I could get away with basic. Two processors and 128GB of RAM in each server will run just over $13k. :eek: I am gonna use the next year to migrate our SAP servers to SUSE so we can get away from vmware and into Xenserver. That'll save a bundle in licensing fees. I will use the decommed servers from this refresh to familiarize myself with Xen as well.
Why license all 128GB of vRAM for each system? If you plan to use HA you can't deploy that many VMs anyway. The best you can do is load each system 50%. So buy Standard. Two sockets for each is 64GB of vRAM and you're good. If you plan to overcommit just buy an extra socket or two of that. Get the Standard Accelerator Kit w/ vCenter and off you go.