SiDock@Home First Challenge (Feb 3 - 10)


[H]ard DC'er of the Year 2021
Dec 27, 2015
Coming soon is the first SiDock@Home challenge starting on Feb 3rd, 3:15am ET. This project has two CPU applications: RxDock and CurieMarieDock (CMDock). CMDock runs on both Windows and Linux while the other only runs on Linux. No GPU application at this moment. This is another COVID project. Yes, I know. We hear the word COVID almost every second/minute/hour.....

To join, go to the SiDock homepage and click "join". Then search for our team [H]ard|OCP.

For individual stat, see free-dc site here.

Note: the average cpu run time for my 3950x at 3.5Ghz is less than 30 mins on average. The task deadline is 24hours but the system will limit a max of 128 tasks downloaded per client, so you would want to fill up your cache to the max as the supply of work units is not available on demand but comes in batches everyday, at least so far with the new research project corona_PLpro_v2.

Good luck and hope to see some participations here.
Have you heard talk whether anyone has made the project admins aware of the challenge so there are enough WUs?
I don't know but the admin releases batches of work every 12 hours or so it seems. See the green line - rts (ready to send). Just remind me of Xansons project.

I'll give it a shot and see how things go. At the moment with 11 MCM and OpenPandemics tasks running and one CMDock task running it's estimated my 2600x will take about 40 minutes per work unit. It's going to take time to run through my remaining WCG stuff to see how it runs with only the new project, though.
Looks like we are in 3rd. Huge bunker from TSBT.
We got a special team badge from Natalia for finishing 3rd in this challenge.
Dear participants!

We are glad to announce the winners of the first project competition! These powerful teams receive special badges picturing pyridine - a compound widely used in production of medicines, vitamins and many other products. The champions are:
1. Planet 3DNow! with 17,433,084 credit
2. The Scottish Boinc Team with 9,469,376 credit
3. [H]ard|OCP with 3,402,481 credit



Also, Natalia made a youtube presentation about BOINC volunteer computing here in helping her research.