Side Panel Mod Question

Oscar Meyer

Limp Gawd
Oct 9, 2009
Been running the Lancool K62 case for 3 years now, great case. Anyway my side panel is the one with the clear acrylic window, and I'm thinking about modding it to add (2) 120 or 140mm fans to blow over my video card. I notice when I run games with the side panel off, temps drop almost 10C. I don't want to run it off all the time because of dust. What kind of mesh filters do u guys use when doing this mod? Steel? Aluminum? Do you use a mesh filter with another fine filter underneath it? Whats the best way to cut acrylic without it cracking? Dremel cutter? Any tips are appreciated.
I used these back when I had a vented window:

They make them in multiple colors. The mesh is a fine aluminum screen and can be removed from the outside for cleaning while leaving the outer ring and fan mounted to the window.

Those are definitely pretty cool, except I don't think I have the tools to do a precision circle cut. I was thinking making a square would be easier.