Should I upgrade or wait...


Limp Gawd
Jan 27, 2005
Having trouble deciding if I want to get a new cpu. I have a A64 3500+ w/ 512cache (forgot the name of the core) and i'm possibly looking at an x2 4400+. I'm just debating whether or not I do enough multitasking to warrant the purchase.

I do a fair amount of gaming (WoW, DoD mostly), fair amount of programming with Visual Studio .Net 2003 and Zend Developement Studio. Along with that I usually use vmware workstation when im programming.. (for web dev under LAMP) Now im also starting to get into linux on the desktop. I use Gentoo which prefers to compile from source so that would be a plus for dual core. I just dont know if I do enough to be worth my money. I mean if it only runs in single core mode for certain apps, I only gain 512kb of cache. Your thoughts...?


Mar 4, 2004
Wait until the M2 socket from amd hits in the 2nd half of 06. If you upgraded now it'd be like going back in time and grabbing a socket 940 athlon fx, sure it's quick but you're dead in the water as far as cpu upgrades go. But if you have cash to blow, go for it and then upgrade again later this year.