Should i upgrade my mobo, is it worth it?


Sep 10, 2004
Hey guys i currently have an Albatron PX845PEV PRO Motherboard with a P4 2.8B 533fsb cpu and i wanted to know if it was worth it to get a MSI 865PE Neo2-V , i can get it from a guy on here for $30 but i'd have to get a cpu retention bracket (i think i could take it off the albatron?) , so do you guys think its worth it for me to upgradre the mobo? After i sell my 9800 pro i will be getting a 6800 GT if that helps any.

Comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Are you going to take advantage of the dual-channel memory feature of the i865PE? If not, you're not really going to gain any performance. While AGP 4x is slower than AGP 8x when you compare maximum available bandwidth, you've also got to factor in the CPU behind it.
if you're going to upgrade your motherboard you should get pci-e so you wont have to upgrade so soon again.
here is a freaky idea , over at the egg-- i saw an albatron 915p pci express MB with a socket 478 !! and pci express.

you could go to a high powered pci express videocard -- like a referbed sapphire x800pro or a 6600gt.

while still retaining the northwood CPU and get a benifit of native sata and dc-DDR . it might overclock pretty good too if your into it.

or you could just go AMD 64 !?--LOL