shopping for new ISP need advice on internet speed options

Aug 12, 2020
hope this is the right section on the forums to ask this but me, my sister, and my mom all combined our resources to purchase a house. closing is next week and we're moving in a few days later. we're searching for good internet options and i know how to shop for an ISP but i need to know what internet download/upload speeds we will need.

i'm getting an lgcx 65" display that'll be hooked up to a custom pc i built for gaming and to be a CAD workstation to run solidworks because i'm enrolling in Embry Riddle University Online and plan on doing engineering school full time online. I also will be getting xbox series x when it comes out. my CX will be the only 4k and their two tvs are 1080p.

also between the three of us they'll be my pc, the xbox series x(when it comes out), three laptops, 2 ipads, amd 3 smartphones and my printer/scanner that has wifi. my pc and xbox will be the only things connected via ethernet.

i watch all my movies/tv shows via amazon prime and using fire stick and they have fire sticks as well.

we're moving to martinsburg,WV

...any idea what our download/upload speeds should be?

any advice on any specific ethernet cable i should get?

will i have a problem i got a pair of ethernet cables that are 50-100 feet long?(i might have to do that)
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An Ethernet cable is an Ethernet cable for 1Gbps. It doesn't matter what you get as long as it's the right length for what you're doing.

Get as much Internet speed as you can afford and fits in your budget.
For your purposes Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable shouldn't make a difference but given I think they are roughly the same price you might as well get Cat6 (technically it's less susceptible to interference but not sure how much that translates any real world difference). I typically just get the cable matters brand on amazon, but again shouldn't make a difference. Ethernet cable is ethernet cable for your purposes.

Based on your use it doesn't seem like upload speed isn't as important as download. As much download as fits in your budget isn't a bad consideration. 4k streaming shouldn't need more than 25 mbps per device. If your streaming devices are all connected wirelessly your wireless signal may become the weak link before your internet capacity (assuming you have decent ISP options and something with more than ~100mbps download).
yep just got a deal with xfinity. 200mbs is gonna be my speed. where i moved from i had 15-20 haha. this is gonna be different lol.
yep just got a deal with xfinity. 200mbs is gonna be my speed. where i moved from i had 15-20 haha. this is gonna be different lol.
Cool, I suspect you may not even end up using most of that. Also, watch out for Comcast to be slowing you down. They tout the high speeds but rarely come close to actually getting there.
Also, find out how shared the equipment is there. Either way unless you have a crack at Fiber comcast is by far the better provider over you typical ATT networked DSL (Not lots of companies out there but it still is the old ATT backbone.)