Shaw vs Telus .... limits


Jul 28, 2001
So Shaw tells me that they limit you to 20GB up and down (collectivley) for a month. Frankly that sucks, I used to be on Telus and I could go over 50gigs without a whisper from them.

Looks like I will be switching back to ADSL.
Is shaw 20gb up/down? When I called them up a long ago, they told me that there was only 1gb up and 5gb down. They don't monitor it like freaks, if you go over, it is fine as long as it isn't too excessive. Anything over 20gb will be noticed though. Maybe they changed it since?

Telus was the same limits too. I guess that both companies must have swtched since then.

You may want to call them though to make sure. If it is true, then Telus would obviously be the better deal since you can transfer more data for roughly the same monthly price.
As far as I know Telus has had no limits for a long time now, (at least they never enforce it).
yeah cable sucks for that, Telus though i've pulled over 60gb in a month and not even an email from them

I'm on Shaw and have gone way over 20gb in one month. Didn't get an email or anything.