shared folders questions (MCSE's please reply)


Apr 15, 2001
Or if you're not an MCSE, who cares.

I have a shared folder with several other folders in it. Each subfolder has different permissions assigned to them, but I want the folders that certain users have ZERO access to, to be invisible to them when they browse the parent shared folder.

Ex. I have access to everything, since I'm the domain admin.

All folders are placed in a single shared folder that everyone has access to. Inheritance is off.

User bob has no access to the financial folder since he's a developer.

Now he can't see whats in that folder because if that fact. But whta if I don't want him to even be able to see that folder. Possible without creating several different shared folders on the server?
Not a "clean" way to do this.. heh, i could ghetto rig a way up. I'd say you could map a network drive (on his computer) directly to his folder. This would only be an option if he's using the same computer and not multiple.
Not a MS guy....but I think you can do that with Active Directory. Can't you just pick which folders are visible to which users?

I dont think you can do that if you dont have Active Directory though.
Boscoh, yeah... but when you make one folder "read" accessable which is really the lowest setting... you also make the folders inside that folder visible. I think he's trying to make it so when the parent folder is opened, they only see their folder and not the others. Only way I can think to do this is by mapping a network drive to the specific folder.
You can't do this with MS. Also it's not good to setup the network the way you are doing it.
I'm with Doc. Separate Shared DIRECTORIES for departments/groups is the way to go.
you can hide shared folders by appending a $ symbol at the end of the share name, but that won't hide the directory if there are further shares (so it won't work with the system your describing).

So instead of putting them all in 1 folder, just make a separate, hidden share for the folder you want developers to access. It won't show up when they browse your workgroup, and stay pretty hidden.

If you want an easy way for the developers to access the hidden share, either create a bookmark or shortcut on their desktop to access it. (or just tell them all your share is @ developers$) It should be easy if they have roaming accounts.

I'm sure there are ways to discover a hidden share, but your point is to make it transparent to the everyday user no?
/agrees with everyone else

You will want to seperate the shares by dept. Then, have a policy per dept that sets up the right share for the right dept.

But, to my knowledge, there is no way to make a folder invisible to someone with pure windows.

Now, with samba, there is some smb.conf magic you could work that would do this, but it still wouldn't be clean.

( Side note, possibly not relevant, but helpful none the less: I have found the most powerful combo is a win2k domain controller with samba file servers. Win2k for the group policies, which are insanely useful, and samba severs for the flexibility )