Share some good quality games that were obscure/unheard of

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    Ever find a game that you enjoyed that had fairly high production values and execution that just didn't sell well and is practically unheard of? Post them here along with a quick description of them.

    I'll start. First one that comes to mind is Apache Air Assault from 2010. Practically unheard of, yet really good quality. This was made by the developers of IL-2 Birds of Prey and later War Thunder, published by Activision. It was tethered to a crappy unknown client called YouPlay (not Uplay). I can no longer find it for sale anywhere, but the game itself is excellent.

    Gameplay is a mix between game and flight simulator, but is a great mix. It offers a challenge yet can be learned easily without needing to study a manual. Graphics were absolutely stunning for 2010 and it ran great, still holds up today. Campaign based with a quick scenario editor for single player. Story is basic but it is gameplay first. Sounds and performance were great. A truly great game if you wanted a flight game that isn't entirely unrealistic but don't want a super detailed sim. Shame it never got the exposure it needed.

    shot 2020.01.10 00.05.18.jpg
    shot 2020.01.10 00.05.54.jpg
    shot 2020.01.11 13.02.24.jpg

    So, what are some surprisingly good games that the rest of us may not have heard of?
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    Idk if it qualifies, but they never made a follow up so I'll throw up soldier of fortune. At least #2 was fun and I always hoped for a new one or a remake that never came. Maybe it's just the rose colored glasses talking. Lol