'Shadow' PC Game Streaming Service is Headed to US Coasts

Discussion in 'HardForum Tech News' started by DooKey, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Shadow is a new PC game streaming service that started up in California earlier this year. According to Engadget they are going to expand to the East and West coast on August 9th. After this initial expansion they plan to go nation-wide in October. What does all of this mean? It means streaming is going to be the next big thing to hit PC gaming and it's going to bring more gamers to the PC platform. I know latency and poor internet connections will impact the service, but with so many companies Including NVIDIA jumping onboard there has to be some fire amongst all the smoke. Also, this lend credence to rumors of Microsoft building a streaming Xbox to go with their next gen Xbox with dedicated gaming hardware. Whether we like it or not streaming is here to stay.

    Of course, Shadow is just one of several streaming services we've seen recently. LiquidSky is making waves with its solution, which relies on the public cloud instead of its own servers. NVIDIA's GeForce Now is still in beta, but it's very impressive so far. HP is also tapped the startup Parsec for streaming in its Omen PCs. And of course, Google is also rumored to be working on its a game streaming console, codenamed Yeti.
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    what will be interesting to see, IF.. this takes off, how long it takes before the ISP's start screwing with them like they have done/DO with netflix and throttle things. Video streaming can..kinda.. work around such, but gaming will be even more so sensitive to lag/bandwidth
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    35 a month and you need to buy games on top of that. Theres no way that's true 1080p without compression. They don't say how much bandwidth per hour it sucks up. But i'm sure its the same as if you were streaming netflix all day.
    This is good when you're not at home.
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    the ultimate DRM, the game doesnt even exist on your system. the suits will LOVE to wrap all their games around this. latency issues? contact your ISP. we have 100 sponsored streamers and game journos giving the service 5 stars!! ! !!! grab yo mommas credit card!
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    Not happening on my machines. If I can't play the game without an internet connection, I don't buy it. About the only game I play online is Unreal Tournament 2K4.
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    Jul 19, 2011
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    Uh, excuse me....

    But umm..

    Anybody remember OnLive? like 3 years ago when it finally died...

    US Internet speed and latency still mostly suck thanks to things like killing off Net Neutrality and allowing ISP monopolies so....

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    I wouldn't be able to make my character look like this streaming Fallout 4. :(