SFF cases @ Computex 2013

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I'm glad I held off purchasing the 120. It does look like they read user feedback and fixed most of the 120's problems.
Streacom DB4 is the most interesting take on SFF case in Computex so far

Streacom's Oliver Pusse tells us that the DB4 will be very modular : "You can use one side for the CPU, one for a dedicated GPU, and another one for our fanless 250 Watt ZeroFlex power supply. The connectors are at the bottom, so the DB4 looks good from any angle. It's a true desktop case, that must not be hidden below the desk."

The 250mm x 250mm x 250mm chassis will hit stores in September / early October for under 200 euros.

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Yeah that's a great looking case. Even the PSU wattage sounds good for a low power card, something like a 650TI, would make a decent light gaming box. However fanless is usually a little impractical IMO. A slow spinning fan would do wonders with little to lose when you've dedicated so much space to heatsink real estate. The draw of fanless to me has only really been zero maintenance, as no dust would get in. But I'd never justify it because of the potential for higher temps, I'd feel like my components are destined to not last as long hah, but yeah, I'd end up cleaning it out every now and then.
Lovely design.
The top looks drillable for removing some air. Without seeing the inside 250 x250mm should be enough space for a 200mm fan.
That case could be looking awsome with some nice anodizing.
Each side can only handle 65w of heat. One side is for CPU, one for PSU. So even if you can use two sides for a GPU (unlikely), your looking at graphics cards with a single 6pin power plug or no additional power plug. So maybe a GTX650?
I had the Prodigy for awhile. Got tired of how huge it was and how much empty space it had in it. Moved back to the SG05 and I still have my i7-3770, 16GB of RAM, SSDa and GTX680. Good enough for me and something you can actually call Small-Form-Factor.
I agree. I'm waiting for a NCase.

I actually managed to fit in a Astrology PT 700W PSU to that thing... Pretty proud of it, but vast overkill. I was using a Silverstone SFX 450W Bronze (cause the gold wasn't available at the time) but it gave me BSOD when I plug in an additional hard drive, I can hear the drive start to spin and then fail.
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OK, I have resized the images and have given credit to the authors of the images. I'll add more cases later on.
Any release date on the Prodigy M? I'm guessing Q3, but earlier would be nice.