setting up wireless, maybe

Apr 9, 2003
since there is yet to be a faq/how to here in [H] about wireless networking, im asking from what i researched.

i want to set up a wireless network in my house, with the signal needing to travel less than 15 feet to reach the only other comptuer in the house. now i know wireless 'B' is good for one to two computers, but it is limited speed wise, or so i read.

since i game, download movies, other games, music, and programs along with aim, internet, and simple online shopping, should i consider 'g' ?

the router im looking at from reviews and praise from numerous sites, is the linksys wrt54gs. the connection i have right now is sbc yahoo dsl, through the lame ass 2 wire setup. should i stick to cables instead, or take the plunge without them?