Setting Up Solitaire Box For Elderly (advice appreciated)


Nov 18, 2016
Objective: Create a simple and easy to use Solitaire gaming box for an elderly family member.

My Preferences:
1. DIY or Prebuilt would be fine (cheaper is better)

2. I want to avoid clunky interfaces like windows. If I can, I would make it a one click solution.

3. I want the OS to be basicly locked. If it booted straight into fullscreen Solitaire that would be great.

4. Any OS would be fine.

5. The only peripheral needed would be a mouse. (No need for password protected login as it will not be internet connected)

Any hints or advice anyone might have would be appreciated. My main experience is with Windows, but I can learn another OS if it is a better solution. Raspberry Pi comes to mind?

I am not skilled in programming, but I can dabble if I have some guide to follow.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have. Not really sure where to start so anything is appreciated.
Very simple... first you’ll need a raspberry pi, a power cord, hdmi cable, SD card and a USB mouse. Also a TV to plug into... download rasbian OS image on windows and use Win32 disk imager to put it on the SD card, download Solitaire and a couple quick edits to load the game on boot and you’re good to go!
I also recommend a wireless handheld mouse so they can use the main TV in the house... just switch the input over to HDMI2 and start playing
Awesome thanks a ton I'll probably be picking up a raspberry pi soon and take your advice.

We just had an elderly family member move in so this will be a great thing to keep her from getting bored during the day.
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By using the USB port on the back of the tv to power the Pi, it should power up with the tv.