SETI.Germany's 13th Annual Pentathlon (2022)

Einstein site is responsive again. Not sure about pulling work yet.

For the next 24hours, all Universe work has a 150% bonus for the event. This is obstacle #2. Unload any that you had bunkered up.

Also, this is the javelin throw we have been waiting for. Unload Numberfields.
Numberfields is definitely taking a beating right now. Uploads were going along pretty well to begin with but seem to have stopped or almost stopped now. Poor bastards...

I had a couple small Universe bunkers and there's practically no movement there. Hopefully it gets done and processed before the 24 hours is up.
I just turned my network on too so hopefully all of my work clears too.
Right now, we need all AMD and nVidia GPU's hammering away on PG until the end of the UTC day tomorrow (7PM CST). Then move them to SRBase.
If you have Intel iGPU's, please start bunkering Einstein work on those.
ARM work units can either be placed on Einstein or Universe. Preferrably Universe until Einstein starts.
General CPU's should be hammering away at Universe and/or bunkering for the 5th Javelin throw which has not been announced yet. We are just going to assume it is the last day of the event until we are told otherwise. So, pay attention to deadlines of work units.
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Jeeper's 8th day commentary

Considering that we have around 10 crunchers or so, we are holding quite strong for a small team. Keep up the pressure and momentum (y)


Day 8 - 12 May 2022 - 8th Dose​

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you used yesterday to give your senses some rest. This will be urgently needed because the intensity will constantly increase from today on. Today we have added another dose of javelin, which might improve your iron balance. But that is not all. An additional boost from the obstacle will give you that certain kick, with an uncertain outcome.

Obstacle Run (Universe@Home)
Today is the second bonus day and this currently leads to a closer race at the top. P3D is still in the lead, but TAAT (#2) and TSBT (#3) are making better use of the day so far and are getting much closer.

Behind them, SG is securing #4 and keeps [H] (#5) at a distance. It is closer behind them. CNT (#6), RKN (#7), AF (#8), and TC (#9) cannot follow. The quartet is almost at the same pace today. Let us see if this lasts all day.

Ukraine holds #10, but has to watch out for OCN (#11) and Meisterkuehler (#12). Both teams used the last hours to reduce their gap. BOINC.Italy already lost a place and now finds themselves in #13. AMD Users (#14) also had to let the cooling experts go, but have a clear lead over EVGA (#15), TFFE (#16), and BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#17). In the duel of the latter two, the Australians lost a few feathers.

UBT is still in #18; "still" because 2ch (#19) is not yet satisfied with overtaking Chinese Dream (#20). Now UBT is on their menu. There are no changes behind them: LITOMYSL, BC, BOINC Synergy, BOINCstats, Crystal Dream, and Russia are ranked 21rd-26th.

Javelin Throw (NumberFields@home)
There is a lot of movement here right now, which I will look at comprehensively tomorrow. For now, I will look at a few particularly interesting developments.

TAAT continues to lay the foundation for gold. They will confirm or even surpass their result from the second attempt. The main competitors cannot come close to this yet. P3D (#7) has to work hard to beat that. TSBT (#14) continues to puzzle us. While the Scots are improving, there is still no sign of the ultimate attack. Either they gamble until the end, or there is nothing more to come. We will see.

While RKN (#2) continues to improve, AF (#3) appears to be confirming their first throws. SG (#4) is also likely to improve today. This might be necessary in the potential bronze battle. CNT (#6) and [H] (#10) appear to be the other contenders in this battle. Whether this trio has a realistic shot at precious metal depends on TSBT.

Ukraine (#11) can improve significantly. However, this will only be of any use if they can confirm this result two more times. Chinese Dream (#13) faces the same dilemma. Meisterkuehler (#19) also show their best throw today, which can push them far up the rankings if they can confirm it two more times. LITOMYSL (#23) is also showing that the first throw was not a fluke and they will move up the rankings in the fourth or fifth attempt.

Cross Country (PrimeGrid)
We are in the second half of the Cross Country and this is evident from the field being more settled. TAAT (#1) still does not take any chances and appears to want to deprive P3D (#2) of any hope. Meanwhile, the battle for 3rd is getting more and more exciting. TSBT (#3) can already feel the hot breath of [H] (#4), who caught up a lot in the last hours.

CNT (#5) and SG (#6) can also keep up with the Scots' pace, and extend the lead over their chasers strongly. Thus, the German-Czech duel can slowly develop and mature.

While RKN is securing #7, BOINC.Italy (#8) has put TC (#9) on their pizza and nibbled it. Ukraine is still in #10. It is getting closer here, as well, because AMD Users (#11), AF (#12), and EVGA (#13) are catching up significantly. The gap seems large, but do not let this fool you.

2ch has taken #14, thus moving OCN into #15. The Japanese have really been going for it in the last hours. Behind them, BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#16) also found the gas pedal, so LITOMYSL (#17) probably had to let go all their hopes for improvement.

Meanwhile, Meisterkuehler have taken #18 and relegated Chinese Dream to #19. At the moment, it does not look like the Chinese can correct this again, either. The final rank in the top 20 will probably be decided between BOINCstats (#20) and the Confederation (#21). Behind them, TFFE, BOINC Synergy, and UBT continue to fight for #22. Russia (#25) and Crystal Dream (#26) will probably have nothing to do with this.

Overall Standings
I will skip the Overall Standings again today and take a closer look at them tomorrow in the light of the third attempt at the Javelin Throw. There is currently a lot of movement in it, and there are many question marks, particularly regarding TSBT.

Tomorrow also the Sprint starts, which will further shuffle the Overall Standings. So we have a lot of exciting hours ahead of us.

  • Is TSBT bluffing at the Javelin Throw or do they have nothing left?
  • Can TAAT still grab the gold at the Obstacle Run?
  • Will [H] beat the Scots at the Cross Country?

You see it remains exciting at the BOINC Pentathlon.

Yours, Jeeper

[Based on stats at 11:00 UTC]
Well, FWIW I got the Dual Dodeca server running today (at last). Everything short of magic smoke loss, to include multiple USB failure when trying to load Ubuntu. ~Onward!
Just a heads up on SRBase. If you have more than one GPU in a box, it will actually only use one of them. It would be better for you to either get familiar with config files or just bunker for Einstein.
Just a heads up on SRBase. If you have more than one GPU in a box, it will actually only use one of them. It would be better for you to either get familiar with config files or just bunker for Einstein.
Yeah, I found that out earlier today. I'll likely stick to Einstein on my main system and leave any SRBase crunching to my server which only has a single GPU.
Just a reminder...for those with single GPU setups...we need your GPU's on SRBase until the 16th.
For those running dual GPU setups and don't want to mess with advanced config setups, we need you running Einstein@home until the 18th.
We plan on skipping this javelin throw. AGAIN we are SKIPPING this javelin throw and will throw the 5th one which is not announce yet. We are guessing it will be on the 18th. So, hold your bunkers. If your deadlines don't match up, hold them until the last second in case they announce the throw on the 17th.
For those not bunkering for the Javelin throw, keep hammering away your CPU's at Universe@home. It is tedious to fight for the work and get it to upload but that is part of the battle. At this point, I wouldn't recommend bunkering it as it may not get validated due to server constraints.
PrimeGrid ends tonight at 7PM CST. So, plan accordingly if you have more work than you can complete.
Lastly, there is still time for new members to jump in and help the team. Keep recruiting.
Oh- I missed that, no primegrid? I'll swap over at lunch...

And I need an invite code for SRbase.
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Oh- I missed that, no primegrid? I'll swap over at lunch...

And I need an invite code for SRbase.
If you go the SRBase's site, the invite code is on the front page. You can also create your account that way.
Should I limit SRBase to 50% CPU, or are those points more important than Universe?
I temporarily have a 6700xt running SRBase as well. I figure in 8 hours it will have done as much work as the 1050ti would do in a day and a half or two days.
Should I limit SRBase to 50% CPU, or are those points more important than Universe?
Put your CPU's on either bunkering for Numberfields on throw 5 or leave them on Universe to pull and report what work it can. Just keep in mind that if your rig has more than one GPU, SRBase will actually only use the one that BOINC assigns as GPU0. So, either a cc_config file will be needed to exclude GPU1 or you should just have them run Einstein. We do need SRBase support something fierce so it just depends on your setup on what would be best.
Jeeper's 9th Day Commentary

Day 9 - 13 May 2022 - 9th Can​

Ladies and gentlemen, today we flash you. The extraordinary taste of Sprint will turbocharge your senses. The combination of Obstacle Run, Cross Country, and Sprint guarantees you the ultimate taste experience. Do you already feel the slowly building tension inside you? Then you have done everything right and absorbed every dose. And I can promise you that it will become even more intense.

Javelin Throw (NumberFields@home)
The third attempt at the Javelin Throw is finished and now we can see who is capable of what. And there is one or another surprise. But one thing after the other.

TAAT (#1) now has it in their own hands to collect the gold medal. All they need is an adequate third throw. P3D (#10) is too far behind with their two best throws so far and cannot win gold on their own. On the other hand, silver is up for their grabs and could already be bagged with the next throw.

The performance of TSBT (#15) was awaited with great excitement. And it became clear here yesterday that the throwing arm of the Scots is atrophied. Therefore, they no longer have a chance to reach the podium at the Javelin Throw...

This will please SG (#4), CNT (#5), and [H] (#6), who now have the chance to win bronze. The Germans have it in their own hands to win the medal with two more strong throws. Nevertheless, the other two are not without a chance, as any slip-up can be costly here.

Meanwhile, RKN probably wrapped up #7 yesterday and can basically skip the next two attempts. For AF (#4), on the other hand, it is not as simple. The Francophones' previous throws were quite stable, but Ukraine (#13), Chinese Dream (#14), and TSBT (#15) could push them out of the top 10 with two more good throws.

OCN (#5), EVGA (#7), BOINC.Italy (#8), and AMD Users (#9) will have to say goodbye to their top 10 positions. TC (#11) is still in the mix. Some gaps are very narrow, so now it all depends on the motivation of the teams. Trouble threatens also from further behind. Both Meisterkuehler (#20) and LITOMYSL (#23) can pass that group already with the next throw. You see, ladies and gentlemen, there are still many threats and opportunities in the Javelin Throw. The teams now have to draw their tactical conclusions.

For instance, 2ch (#16) needs one more throw for confirmation, but it is rather questionable whether this will be enough to improve their ranking. BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#17), TFFE (#18), and the Confederation (#19) will drop a bit further down the ranking, as Meisterkuehler and LITOMYSL will still pass them. But the final order of this trio is still open.

UBT in #21 will definitely keep BOINCstats (#22) behind, both can focus on other disciplines now. Behind them, at least BOINC Synergy (#25) still needs one good throw to push Russia out of #24. Crystal Dream did not move at all in the third attempt, as well, and so will definitely keep the red lantern.

Obstacle Run (Universe@Home)
After the second bonus day, the top of the field is closer together. P3D is still in the lead, but TAAT (#2) and TSBT (#3) are closer. It is well possible that the next bonus day will be decisive here. SG (#4) and [H] (#5) continue to secure their positions without any sign of attack.

The field looks more stable from #6 on. However, CNT (#6) is far from being safe from RKN (#7) and the Rechenkrafties are in turn not safe from AF (#8), who have to watch out for TC (#9). Meisterkuehler (#11) made optimal use of the bonus day. They not only passed OCN (#12), but are now heading for Ukraine (#10).

Meanwhile, BOINC.Italy (#13) is fighting for #13 with AMD Users (#14), with the Italians looking a bit weaker at the moment. EVGA continues to hold #15, but surely has a watchful eye on Chinese Dream (#16). The Chinese were also busy collecting bonus points and thus caught TFFE (#17), BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#18), 2ch (#19), and UBT (#20) ice cold.

While LITOMYSL (#21) is still trying to keep contact, there is not much movement behind them. BC (#22), BOINC Synergy (#23), BOINCstats (#24), Crystal Dream (#25), and Russia (#26) run along stoically, with no sign of a planned increase in pace.

Cross Country (PrimeGrid)
The decision is coming up soon here. TAAT is unlikely to be denied victory, but perhaps there will be a miracle? It is nearer in the race for the remaining precious metals. P3D (#2) has gained some breathing room, but is still within the reach of TSBT (#3) and maybe even [H] (#4).

#5 will probably be decided between CNT and SG. Both teams have shown strong final spurts before, so no favorite can be identified for now. RKN (#7) will not be able to compete with them and has to be very careful not to be caught by BOINC.Italy (#8). The Italians are firing up the pizza oven, but the deficit is still big.

It remains to be seen what TC can still achieve, but #9 is well secured, even if Ukraine (#10) has still at least a theoretical chance. While AMD Users manage #11, EVGA has pushed into #12 and relegated AF to #13. The camera at the finish line may have to take a closer look here. 2ch (#14), OCN (#15), BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#16), and LITOMYSL (#17) are all running on their own. But none of them should feel too safe, the gaps can definitely be overcome.

Meisterkuehler in #18 still have to watch out for Chinese Dream (#19), the gap is small and the motivation certainly high. The Confederation has moved into #20, passing BOINCstats (#21). UBT is also running fast at the moment and moved up into #22, passing BOINC Synergy (#23) and TFFE (#24). Everything is still possible in the final spurt here. Russia (#25) and Crystal Dream (#26), on the other hand, are likely to have a rather quiet night ahead.

Sprint (SRBase)
On the short track, TAAT (#1) has ignited the rocket in their butt and is out of sight for the chasers on the horizon. Behind them, the gaps are still relatively small, so almost changes of positions are likely.

P3D has taken the silver rank, followed by CNT (#3). This would of course be another great success for the Czechs. But the competitors are close. [H] (#4), TSBT (#5), and RKN (#6) are virtually side by side. And we should not write off SG (#7) either, as the Germans have always tended to be late risers.

AF (#8) still seems to be doing well. Ukraine (#9) and EVGA (#10) are closely behind them, but still ahead of Meisterkuehler (#11). TC (#12) and AMD Users (#13) are currently at eye level with each other.

TFFE (#14) also came out of the starting blocks superbly and has built up a small lead over BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#15) and 2ch (#16). Let us see what the Australian-Japanese duel will still have in store; Currently, no piece of rice paper fits between the two.

LITOMYSL is in #17, followed by BOINC.Italy (#18). The Italians are currently quite far behind. This also applies to OCN (#19). Chinese Dream in #20 is just slightly behind, but has already built a cushion on the chasers.

The Confederation in #21 looks quite safe at the moment, as the pace behind them is even slower. Russia (#22) started the best there. BOINC Synergy and UBT currently follow in #23 on equal points, and are again slightly ahead of BOINCstats (#25). Meanwhile, Crystal Dream has fallen asleep at the starting blocks.

Overall standings
The Overall Standings slowly take shape, but the Javelin Throw still blurs the overall view. However, TAAT seems to be doing everything right, #1 at the moment. While P3D (#2) will still gain some points, defending the title appears to become a real challenge for the Green Planet this year.

The bronze medal will probably be decided between CNT (#4), SG (#5), and maybe also TSBT (#6). Javelin Throw and City Run will be decisive here. RKN (#3) will probably not be able to keep up, likely #7 is the best possible outcome for them in the end.

[H] (#7) will catch the Rechenkrafties, as well, the javelin will turn the table here. AF (#8) loses some ground because of the poor position in the Cross Country, but still has an advantage over TC (#9) and Ukraine (#10). EVGA (#11) also still has a chance to make the top 10, which is probably a Herculean task for the teams behind them.

BOINC.Italy (#12), AMD Users (#13), and OCN (#14) lost ground because of the Sprint, but still have time to correct this. Meisterkuehler (#15) probably also have this in mind, after they already were able to keep 2ch (#16), BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#17), and Chinese Dream (#18) at bay.

Cross Country is currently the weak spot of TFFE (#19). If it were not for this, the newcomers could be further up the rankings. But nevertheless they keep LITOMYSL (#20), BC (#21), and UBT (#22) in check. BOINCstats (#23) is struggling to stay ahead of BOINC Synergy (#24) and Russia (#25). At the bottom, Crystal Dream (#26) waves from the dreamland.

Things really take off now. Today the Cross Country is decided, and tomorrow the City Run starts.

  • Who will win the medals at the Cross County?
  • Will Meisterkuehler attack the top 10 at the Obstacle Run?
  • Can SG improve at the Sprint?

You see it remains exciting at the BOINC Pentathlon.

Yours, Jeeper

[Based on stats at 11:00 UTC]
Jeeper's 10th Day Commentary

Ok [H]ordes and friends, it's turbo time!. Less than 4 days to the end of the pentathlon. Need more gpu output. Set the bloody gpu cards to turbo-boost setting now!


Two gpu projects races currently ongoing:
Srbase - Need to close the gap with CNT. Race is less than 24 hours to the finishing line.

Einstein - crowded group. See if we can break away. Race is less than 4 days to go.

Day 10 - 14 May 2022 - 10th Dose​

Ladies and gentlemen, did the Cross Country not have a great effect? This intense stimulation will now disappear from our top secret formula, at least for this year. However, we have added the classic touch of City Run instead. Together with Sprint and Obstacle Run, this makes an inimitable combination that will have you gripped.

Cross Country (PrimeGrid)
The first decision of this year's BOINC Pentathlon has fallen. Despite the tension right up to the end, the final hours were rather calm. Only one change in the rankings occured after my last report. But one after the other.

The winner is TAAT, who crossed the finish line with a clear lead and thus tool their fourth individual gold. P3D deservedly took silver, with a decent lead over TSBT. For some reason, the Scots seem to be particularly fond of bronze. Congratulations to the medalists.

[H] got their best ranking in an individual discipline since 2019 with #4 and will be satisfied with their performance. Behind them, the only change of places of the evening occured. In the end, SG had the stronger final spurt and secured #5. CNT therefore has to settle for #6.

RKN once again secured #7. Their strong final spurt cleared any doubts here, so that BOINC.Italy (#8) stood no chance in the end. TC did not attack in the end and remained in #9. Ukraine had to tremble strongly on the last few meters. AMD Users came closer and closer, but in the end, Ukraine can enjoy #10.

EVGA managed to hold #12 in the end. AF (#13) was not able to counterattack and now has to live with their worst rank in any discipline in Pentathlon history. Coming in #14 was 2ch, followed by OCN (#15), BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#16), and LITOMYSL (#17). Behind them, Meisterkuehler secured #18 and was thus able to nip the attack launched by Chinese Dream (#19) in the bud.

The race for #20 was decided between BC and BOINCstats. While BOINCstats tried everything, in the end they have to settle for #21 and concede #20 to the Confederation. It also was close behind them. UBT (#22) only by the skin of their teeth managed to keep BOINC Synergy (#23) behind. They had a great final day that at least was enough to relegate TFFE to #24. Russia crossed the line in #25, followed by Crystal Dream (#26), who considered this more like a walk in the park.

Obstacle Run (Universe@Home)
Just a quick look at the challenging long track. The teams wait for the last bonus day here, as this will be the best chance to still gain places. So just a quick look here.

P3D has to try everything they can to hold #1, because only this way they still have a chance to win overall gold. This is likely to disappear if TAAT (#2) were to pass them. In addition, the Green Planet will eagerly pray to Gaja to let the whisky flow in streams so that TSBT (#3) beats TAAT.

SG continues to trot along in #4, ahead of [H] (#5). It will certainly get interesting between CNT (#6) and RKN (#7), and between AF (#8) and TC (#9). Both duos do not give each other anything and are very close.

Close, closer, closest describes the duel for #13 very well. The unleashed duel between BOINC.Italy and AMD Users continues. Two further duels are similarly close. While TFFE (#17) tries to keep BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#18) behind, 2ch (#19) does everything they can to not let UBT (#20) come closer. And another duel is waiting to be decided at the bottom of the field. BOINCstats still holds #24, but Crystal Dream (#25) is slowly creeping up.

Sprint (SRBase)
Half time at the Sprint and the field has sorted itself out a bit since yesterday. The German teams probably feel differently about this.

TAAT is now so far ahead that even the Hubble telescope doubts itself. Behind them, TSBT has taken #2 and upset P3D (#3). They do not need that kind of disruption on the Green Planet, as this puts their crops in danger.

SG will be in a better mood, as they sprinted into #4 and the Green Planet is within reach. CNT (#5), [H] (#6), and RKN (#7) are the losers of the last hours, as they were pushed down in the rankings.

Behind them, a duel between Ukraine (#8) and AF (#9) is looming. EVGA (#10) will probably not be able to intervene. AMD Users (#11), TC (#12), and TFFE (#13) benefited from an ominous weakness of Meisterkuehler (#14). And now, BOINC.Italy (#15) also seems to want to use the weak phase of the cool ones.

While this leaves 2ch (#16) cold, BOINC@AUSTRALIA was pushed down into #17. For now, the Koalas are safely ahead of OCN (#18), but the gap is not insurmountable either. LITOMYSL has to pay some tribute to their strong start and now finds themselves only in #19.

Chinese Dream (#20) already had to let LITOMYSL go, but at least they still have some advantage over Confederation (#21). Behind them is a four-way fight, in which currently UBT (#22) has the nose in front. But Russia (#23), BOINCstats (#24), and BOINC Synergy (#25) are not getting tired to change this. Crystal Dream (#26), on the other hand, has refused to start.

City Run (Einstein@Home)
The classic distance race started today and will accompany us until the final day. Here also TAAT leads the field, ahead of TSBT and P3D. But there is still a long way to go and fast starters will soon lose some feathers.

BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#4) is probably among them, as they came out of the starting block excellently. Behind them is already SG (#5), but the gap to the podium will be a headache for them. Meanwhile, [H] in #6 and CNT in #7 are no surprises. AF (#8) and OCN (#9) got off to a good start. While TC (#10) is still lying in wait, RKN (#11) did not start all that well. We will see if the Rechenkrafties have to worry about Ukraine (#12).

2ch (#13), Chinese Dream (#14), EVGA (#15), and BOINC.Italy (#16) follow behind them. I still expect lots of movement here, because it takes some time to shift forces from the Cross Country. AMD Users in #17, UBT in #18, and LITOMYSL in #19, followed by BOINCstats (#20) and BOINC Synergy (#21) are the next ranks that are partly quite close.

Meisterkuehler (#22) already had to let them go and worry about TFFE (#23) and Russia (#24). Crystal Dream (#25) is active here again, while the Confederation (#26) is still very slow.

Overall Standings
With the start of the City Run, the Overall Standings are in motion again. The possible triumph of TAAT (#1) is becoming increasingly apparent. While the Javelin Throw will bring the top closer together, P3D (#2) slips up too much to still prevent victory. The Green Planet has to fertilize vigorously.

TSBT is still in #3. The slip-up at the Javelin Throw prevents a better result, but bronze is still possible. But this also depends on SG (#4) ab, who will still gain points at the Javelin Throw. RKN has dropped into #5 and probably has to prepare for CNT (#6) and [H] (#7) to scurry by, as well. This will be a difficult task for AF (#8), the slip-up at the Cross Country hurts them. Behind them, TC (#9) and Ukraine (#10) complete the top 10.

OCN is only just holding #11, EVGA (#12) and BOINC.Italy (#13) are sticking to them. I expect something from the Italians in particular. AMD Users (#14) are not sure whether they should look ahead or behind.

BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#15) seems close, but the standings at the City Run may paint the picture too rosy at the moment. So maybe also 2ch (#16) and Chinese Dream (#17) have a chance for improvement. Meisterkuehler (#18) are somehow running out of coolant, their fall continues. TFFE (#19) is a bit too far away to take advantage, but managed to build a cushion on the rest of the field. LITOMYSL (#20), UBT (#21), BC (#22), BOINCstats (#23), BOINC Synergy (#24), Russia (#25), and Crystal Dream (#26) are holding their positions.

We are slowly approaching the decisive phase of the 13th BOINC Pentathlon. The tension is tangible, as there might be a new overall winner. But there are still some more things to clarify before that.

  • Can SG win a medal in the Sprint?
  • Will BOINC@AUSTRALIA cause a sensation in the City Run?
  • Is the Green Planet running out of fertilizer?

You see it remains exciting at the BOINC Pentathlon.

Yours, Jeeper

[Based on stats at 10:00 UTC]
Reminder we are not doing the javelin throw #4 that starts today so please save your Numberfields for Throw #5 in 2 days 8 hours
Einstein is also getting hammered really badly I suspect from people bunkering/swapping over from SRBase. It took me forever to finally get attached to the project for a 1050Ti in my server. There are also serious issues with timeouts on the site when I was configuring a profile for that 1050Ti. I also haven't received any work on it yet despite trying for the past hour and may have to go with a different subproject with nowhere near the points just to be able to contribute.
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I had to copy the project file to 3 rigs i had not added it to this morning so that works if you cant sign up from client or website
Also, get a .bat file or script running to tickle the server for work.

TITLE Einstein@Home Tickler


"C:\Program Files\BOINC\boinccmd" --host --network_available
"C:\Program Files\BOINC\boinccmd" --host --project update

timeout /T 90

goto top
Jeeper's 11th Day Commentary

Day 11 - 15 May 2022 - 11th Can​

Ladies and gentlemen, come closer, come closer. Today you can once again enjoy our mixture of Sprint, Obstacle Run, and City Run. Tomorrow we replace the Sprint with an intense dose of javelin. This mixture will also finish our cure on the final day, so keep enjoying it with all your senses. Feel the strong energy of the Sprint today that builds up even more after ingestion. Enjoy the intense phase of tension and the subsequent phase of relaxation.

Sprint (SRBase)
Short and intense, that is the sprint. Today we will already witness the final and that has quite a lot to offer. While TAAT cannot be denied the win, the other medals are not yet decided. TSBT has the best cards for silver, but P3D (#3) and SG (#4) still play poker. SG once tried to attack the Green Planet yesterday, but this was immediately countered.

Of course, it remains to be seen what can still be achieved in the final spurt, and whether CNT (#5) has a shot at more. The gap to SG is clear, but is it unassailable? And what is [H] (#6) planning, who pushed RKN down into #7 as expected?

Meanwhile, Ukraine has taken #8 and caught AF (#9) cold. The Francophones have to be careful not to get caught by AMD Users (#10) and EVGA (#11) as well. Both are pushing each other just in time and fight for #10.

BOINC.Italy finally found the turbo has moved up into #12. TC (#13), TFFE (#14), Meisterkuehler (#15), and 2ch (#16) all had to let the old Romans go. Behind them, OCN (#17) relegated BOINC@AUSTRALIA to #18 with a small intermediate spurt.

LITOMYSL seems to be quite safe in #19. Behind them, Chinese Dream (#22) radically collapsed and effectively stopped. The Confederation (#20) and Russia (#21) used this phase to pass them. The Chinese may be lucky that UBT (#23), BOINCstats (#24), BOINC Synergy (#25), and Crystal Dream (#26) are not able to close the gap.

Obstacle Run (Universe@Home)
The teams are still waiting for the last bonus day. This will not be today, but the teams will start pondering which tactics are best here. The teams should not rely on a final spurt, as the challenges of the track could quickly cause long faces.

Until then there will be little movement here, but it is still true that it is getting closer to the top. While P3D is still in the lead, TAAT and TSBT are steadily getting closer. All other teams have no chance to reach the podium any more.

Where does it remain close? Of course, there is still movement in the various duels. AF (#9) is attacking TC (#8). The fight for #13 between AMD Users and BOINC.Italy is also still hot, and UBT (#19) and 2ch (#20) are also inseparable.

We are waiting for the bonus day and what it will bring, as the teams will tactic and play it safe until then.

City Run (Einstein@Home)
TAAT is hard to beat here, too. P3D and TSBT behind them are also no surprise any more, but BOINC@AUSTRALIA still being in #4 is. They already put a marker on this track last year, but are doing even better now. Bronze is still possible!

Neither[H] (#5) nor SG (#6) nor CNT (#7) will like this as it may cost them important points in the Overall Standings. Behind them is a three-way or maybe even four-way fight. OCN (#8) and AF (#9) are very close, followed closely by RKN (#10). TC (#11) is still puzzling. Will they keep pushing or do they want to take it easy?

They may be able to afford this, as the chasers cannot follow the dragon. Ukraine (#12), EVGA (#13), 2ch (#14), and BOINC.Italy (#15) are simply not fast enough. The small dragon Chinese Dream (#16) also appears to want to rest, as their pace is too slow for the teams ahead and too fast for the teams behind.

AMD users are holding on at #17, but should keep an eye on LITOMYSL (#18). Their pace is the same and the gap is small, this duel is still on. #19 will probably be decided between BOINCstats (#19), UBT (#20), and BOINC Synergy (#21). The trio could slowly break away from TFFE (#22), who in turn are able to keep Meisterkuehler (#23) and Russia (#24) at bay.

Overall standings
Tomorrow will probably set the overall standings a bit straight. TAAT could secure gold tomorrow and P3D could secure silver. But behind them, it remains exciting. TSBT is still holding bronze, in part because SG (#4) is dropping too many points in several disciplines.

For RKN, tomorrow could be the end of being in #5, as CNT (#6) and [H] (#7) are ready to pass. While AF continues to cruise in #8, TC (#9) and Ukraine (#10) are fighting for position.

The three-way fight between OCN (#11), BOINC.Italy (#12), and EVGA (#13) remains exciting. Just a little carelessness is enough here to fall deep. But not too deep, even though BOINC@AUSTRALIA (#15) would like to catch everyone.

Just behind them, Meisterkuehler and Chinese Dream disagree on who should occupy #17 right now, whereas behind them, there have been no further changes.

Tomorrow's fourth attempt at the Javelin Throw will be about the medals. The fight for bronze will be exciting here, forcing the teams to be flawless. In addition, there is today's decision at the Sprint.

  • Will SG make it to the podium at the Sprint?
  • Who will slip up at the Javelin Throw?
  • And can BOINC@AUSTRALIA cause a sensation in the City Run?

You see it remains exciting at the BOINC Pentathlon.

Yours, Jeeper

[Based on stats at 09:00 UTC]

This is the third and last Obstacle. If you are having more trouble than usual uploading/downloading, this is probably why. keep refreshing.
Also, for anyone not paying attention.
SRBase portion is done. Move ALL GPU's to Einstein. Don't worry about bunkering. It isn't needed. Plus it is better to report while you can as the server is hit and miss still.
Universe@home is hard to report and pull work because it is an Obstacle day. Keep hammering the server for more. If you want bunker NumberFields for throw 5.
With that said....we are skipping javelin throw 4. Save your work if your deadlines allow for throw 5 on the 18th.

It's not too late to add more resources. It may be tough to fill them but the more hosts we have asking for work, the more likely we will be the ones to get it. Keep up the great work guys.

bluestang , thanks again for the assist in SRBase.
At the moment I'm crunching on a bunker for Numberfields since my Universe bunker finished a couple hours ago. Now trying to turn in the Universe bunker and hopefully I'll be able to upload everything before the obstacle is over. Also hoping a bunch of the pending validation work units go through in the next 24 hours.

Sadly, my 1050Ti still hasn't been able to get even a single work unit on Einstein after several hours of trying so far. I absolutely hate having a GPU idle.