SETI.Germany's 11 Annual BOINC Pentathlon (2020)


[H]ard DCOTM x2
Dec 27, 2015
BOINC pentathlon 2nd last day of the daily update by Jeeper before the final ceremony. Load up your rigs on numberfields, rosetta or ibercivis projects for another a day and a half. For additional info/help, please see top post and the great how-to videos posted by Gilthanis in this forum or ask any question here.

Jeeper's comments:-
On amicable number (GPU, cross country).
[H] showed a good performance and crossed the finish line on #5, which referred P3D on #6.
Yes, we did it!:)

On rosetta (CPU, marathon run)
[H] and RKN continue to clash for #11. The decision could literally be made at the last second.
We are slowly falling behind. :( Need more ooomp[H].

On numberfields (CPU & GPU, javelin throw)
Something's definitely gonna happen here. Also because [H] (#10) will probably stir up the trio tomorrow with the Javelin.
Yes, we will kick and poke the ass with the last throw!;)

On ibercivis (CPU, sprint run)
LTT (#5) is well underway, but should probably devote themselves to the Marathon and [H] (#6), CNT (#7) and RKN (#8) are probably too far behind
Hmm, we shall wait and see. Maybe we can run like Usain Bolt.:whistle:


[H]ard|DCOTM x3
Jun 22, 2009
Well things are winding down here now. Just unde 6 hours till the Pent is officially over. We had some big excitement last night and today related to the Sprint where the servers are getting hammered to the point of currently being offline and there was and likely still is a big backlog in the validator. Thanks to some late minute decisions we have managed to pass Rechenkraft taking us to #9 in the overall standings! will see if it holds till the end.
Thanks for everyone who pitched in for the Pent and a big shout out to Seti Germany for hosting. This was a really exciting Pent even if we didn't take home a medal.


[H]ard|DCer of the Year - 2014
Jan 29, 2006
Looks like we finished in 10th. Congratulations everyone. With the loss of a few big hitters the last two years, I was surprised we managed to do this well. Looks like we avoided any real drama this year as well. The next large event will be in November for the WCG birthday challenge. So, give your rigs a needed rest, upgrade, or de-dusting. For those that recently joined us with BOINC, you are welcome to stay on. We always have something that needs crunched and we can guide you through any of it. It is good to iron out the kinks and learn the projects long before the events begin.


[H]ard DCOTM x2
Dec 27, 2015
From pschoefer (Patrick), the main SG Pent organizer (translated in English). Kudos to the organizers and the project admins (I know they were sweating to keep up with all the validations, keeping the server up and not crashing, etc)!

So, that was the active part of the BOINC Pentathlon 2020. Two intensive weeks for the hardware and its staff are over. Much remains to be written, but at this late hour I would like to limit myself to thanking those without whom the Pentathlon would not have taken place, or at least would not have taken place in this form:
  • Jeeper74 , modesti , pons66 and support student council for their active participation in the preparatory discussions , this year for the first time including selection of all projects
  • shka for the main work in the machine room behind the website as well as aendgraend , HeNiNnG and XSmeagolX , who also contribute to the smooth operation of the SG server
  • Jeeper74 also provides a daily summary of what is going on in the arena
  • Dennis-TW for translating these reports into English
  • modesti also for the translation of the reports into French and Cocagne for the proofreading of these translations (and the translation of the subsequent final report)
  • No_Name for his work on compiling the list of projects in question
  • David , Eric , Krzysztof , Sergei and Fran for the not always easy life support measures on the servers of this year's projects
  • this year's 30 Pentathlon teams for their participation
  • anyone who communicates legitimate criticism, ambiguities and suggestions for improvement via such channels (feedback form, email or this thread), which also enable meaningful discussion or questions at a later date

If I have forgotten someone, it is not a bad intention. I also save a list of various little things that I did myself, because otherwise I would have to ask myself how I did anything else during this time.

If you wish to provide any feedback regarding current and future pentathlon, you can do so here.

See you all again in 2021!


Limp Gawd
Apr 21, 2000
Tie for 9th...10th place, its all the same to me and the participation trophy I am printing off right now:p It was a nice change of pace from feeling good about myself on folding@home. Amicable Numbers would make a great song. "why don't you make any sense, and why are there so many of you". I tried to explain it to my friend at 3am on discord and it didn't go well. Pretty sure they don't do anything and whoever made up how all those numbers are equal was high on peyote.