Session 3 Initialization Error (BSOD) during fresh winxp home install


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 24, 2002
So I was helping to setup a new machine for someone today and ran into a little trouble. Here's some relevent hardware:

mach speed something motherboard (via p4m266 chipset i believe)
celery d 2.8 (supported by motherboard)
512mb pc3200 ultra ram (running at 266) (can you see the parts came from tigerdirect. pfft)
seagate 120gb 7200
gf fx 5700le 256mb (xfx)

xp home oem edition

It goes through loading the drivers and then to the starting windows screen. Then it drops a "session 3 initialization error" bsod and dies. I did a search and found little info, and the solutions I have to pay $10 for or something. I've built quite a fair number of machines, but this was the first time with a p4m266 chipset, and I just happened to run into this and am a little stumped..