Sell 1080 Ti with AIO cooler or put the original heatsink/fan back on it?

What configuration should I sell my EVGA SC Black 1080 Ti?

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Jan 19, 2006
Since I was able to get a 3080 from the Newegg shuffle, I'm going to sell my 1080 Ti (EVGA SC Black). I currently have a Kraken G12 on it connected to an EVGA CLC 240mm AIO. I also added heatsinks on the RAM chips. I bought the 1080 Ti from a member of this forum and that's where I'm going to sell it. So, would I be better off selling it as is and ship the original cooler with it, or should I set it back to factory configuration?
I'm gonna be the voice of dissent and say sell it with the stock cooler. Then you'll already have the AIO + bracket around for future project :cool:
Sell it as is and include the stock cooler when you ship it.
To sell it stock would take probably at least an hour to dis-assemble/re-assemble and I need to make sure the original thermal pads are still in good shape. Popular opinion shows that I should make it's current state the default configuration and offer to change it to suit the buyer. I need to figure out if I will charge more to actually put it back to stock. Thanks for the input everyone. Now I just have to figure out pricing so that it will actually sell here without waiting weeks and dropping the price while I bump the heck out of the listing.
$500-$550 would be a good price and a quick sale with the AIO cooler. Right now the market is dropping and I think people are in a holding pattern. Good luck!
I'd clean and repaste the original cooler and use that. It's a lot easier to ship without damage to the radiator. I'd just keep the 240mm AIO around for a rainy day. The difference in price you'd fetch between the two is negligible IMO and you're limiting your buyers to those with large cases to fit a large GPU AIO.