seiki se42ugt, issues not sure if gpu cable or screen?


Apr 11, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I've had the Seiki se42ugt for about 3 weeks now. I enjoy it for the price, even though I know it's not 4:4:4. I ran into a problem yesterday where when I powered the tv on after being off at night, my desktop had really blurry fonts that was missing chunks of pixels from it. Things were really hard to read.

I unplugged my club3d displayport to hdmi 2.0 adapter and plugged straight into the hdmi from my video card. Things cleared up immediately so i assumed it was the adapter. I restarted the computer a few times, changed hdmi 2.0 to hdmi 1.4 and back to hdmi 2.0 in the seiki settings and plugged the adapter back in and got it to work. Later on it did this a few more times, however I still got blurry and missing pixels from fonts when plugging the hdmi straight to the video card.

I think killed the power to the tv for a minute and turned it back on and the image was fine. It has acted up since but I'm wondering if it's my tv, the hdmi cable or the video card? I have a sapphire tri-x r290x with 4gb of ram. The hdmi cable I am using doesn't say it's rated for high speed or hdmi 1.4 or hdmi 2.0 but it's the only cable that works with the club 3d adapter to give me 4k at 60hz.

I updated the firmware on the video card as well. I'm sort of leaning to the cable being the issue. I have tried the tv on different inputs with different sources and all seems fine. I do have an issue where sites like facebook and youtube, the background will sometimes change tints when scrolling and moving around. I do have the tv in pc mode with tweaks from a thread that was recommended over at another forum.

I have included a screen shot of how the background changes on some sites.

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Any ideas? Any links to good quality hdmi cables recommended for 4k at 60hz? I'm in Canada, looking for something local to Toronto.