Seems I'm in need of a flying game


Feb 9, 2006
I picked up a Saitek X52 Pro the other day from gogamer when they were going at 50% off. I've never really played any flying games except for Microsoft's Hellbender many years ago. I would like to try something newer that can take advantage of the HOTAS setup. I know most of the flight games out there are more simulation oriented but I don't mind dealing with a learning curve. (I'm also open to mech games as well as BF series if they will work with the controller.) I also don't want any Starforce games since I use virtual drives for old Dreamcast and PSX emulation. Any recommendations?

IL2 1946, should be fairly cheap by now too :)

Avoid Lomac as it has Starforce in most versions, someone should be able to tell you which don't have it hopefully.
I'll cast another vote for IL2. It really is a good game.
there is actually an IL2 compilation that was released this year. Has the original + every exp released for it bundled up...
I was just going to recommend Lomac as I have picked it up recently and am enjoying it quite a bit. Unfortunately it does use Starforce. I am not sure if the original version has it, but I think the Flaming Cliffs addon uses it. I can't verify that though.
Thanks for the suggestions. IL2 1946 was on my radar and I'm glad to see it highly recommended. LOMAC looks pretty good so I'll probably end up giving it a try although it may be on a dedicated Windows XP installation on a separate harddrive. Hah, maybe I can make that my Starforce gaming OS/harddrive.