Secure CMS?

Oct 28, 2004
Alright a friend of mine needs a website to host a college club, which will consist of meeting dates/info and club-related information in general. They're also going to take photos of the various protests they do, so a photo gallery with some level of integration is desired. These people are also not very good with tech, so a simple interface is absolutely necessary. Heres the problem - every CMS I have looked at has a truly dismal security record. I don't know what these people are doing but SQL injections, remote code explotions, and XSS is not ok ever.

Nuke-evolution seems like a possible candidate though I'm not sure if it can do what we want it to while remaining really simple to use. Does anyone have any ideas for a stable/secure CMS that is also easy to use? We're currently using PHP and have MySQL and Postgres available. .Net/Ruby/Java is pretty much out of the question as well.

Note: I have used the search button, it wasn't particularly helpful for what I'm looking for. And I'm very against homebrewing...