Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W Luck Draw!!!!!

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May 18, 1997
This Lucky is over and has been shipped to the winner.

Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W Luck Draw


We are giving away one brand new Seasonic Snow Silent 1050 watt PSU to be shipped inside North America only.

To enter this Lucky Draw, post ONCE in this thread and answer the following question.

What is your reasoning for buying either Seasonic Snow Silent 750 or Snow Silent 1050?


A. Color
B. Silence
C. Others. Please specify your reasons.
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I see the appeal of water cooling in general and it's something i'll have to do one of these days.
C. All of the above plus....
- Color (because I am building a rig with a white/black/chrome theme.
- Silence (because silence is what my watercooled rigs are all about)
- Quality (because Paul Johnson is the man and Seasonic rates consistently better than any other power supply)

C. Reliability

Seasonic has one of the best reputations for quality and reliability in the industry.
Definitely B and a heaping dash of C - reliability! I just had to RMA a competitor's PSU that failed after a few hours of use in higher-than-expected ambient temps.
I would say:
42% C. Seasonic reliability.
31% A. Color goes with my mostly white and a bit of black color build.
27% B. Silence.
B and C. Seasonic reliability, build quality and warranty are the best!
... for the color, since it would match the white/red/black NZXT Phantom + Gigabyte z170 Gaming G1 perfectly!! :D
B. Silence
C. I love my current Seasonic, and I want to stay with the brand, just need more power!
C. Reliability. The senior partner's computer at the office was built with a Seasonic PSU.
C. Silence and Reliability

I've had a PSU fail on me before. It was not a good time. Reliability is paramount to me.
A. I already have a Armour Revo Snow edition case. A snow edition PSU would be perfect!

Also C. I've owned 3 other Seasonic's in the past and they have been ROCK SOLID and STABLE. Seasonic makes awesome PSUs. Also, thinking of running SLI and although my 750W MAY cut it, I'd rather be safe and get a bigger PSU.
C. The name that they built for themselves for choices in great components and design that greatly affects the performance of their products.
I choose C. The power supply is the most important part of a computer and Seasonic makes some of the best out there.
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