Seasonic S12ii 620, good deal?


Dec 2, 2016
I can't attest to this one, but I had one of the original S12 series of power supplies a few years back and it never let me down.

I would keep an eye for a better deal as I've seen this selling for around $35. Of course, it's hard to say when and if they will be that cheap again.
If you don't need modular - this is a nice PSU for the price. I would bite if I were in the market, without a second guess.
Looking for a cheap but decent psu these days, found this

if you still have the amex 6-month 10% off offer, it would be $42.8, and $45 on newegg. Seems the price is recently lowered and rebate started Feb.1
I know it's non-modular and a little messy, but for a stable 620W psu, is it still worth now?
I've got an old S12 that is still kicking and never given me a problem! Excellent models!
Great! Nowadays you can fit so processing into a small wattage footprint. Even a 7700K and 1080 wouldn't stress this too hard.
I love seasonic. Ever since I read the review on here that won the gold. That is some serious quality for the money right there.
I bought the 620w S12II for $70 from Newegg back on 6/7/2016
Good quality but quite noisy when you go closer to its max load.
Good quality but quite noisy when you go closer to its max load.

On the other end of the spectrum when there is little or no load the fan turns completely off. Pretty nice feature. Usually after I've replaced all my case fans with silent ones the loudest thing left is the PSU, well you don't have to really worry about noise with seasonic, unless you run close to max load often I guess. I don't know about you guys but I pretty much never have my PSU at full load, and definitely won't anytime soon now that I got rid of my GTX480.
I got one of these for a Kabylake build, a great PSU by the looks of it.
Even though it was competitively priced in the UK (compared to other decent PSUs), it was almost double what you are paying!
Lucky b's.