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    Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium Fanless PSU Review

    The Seasonic PRIME 600 Titanium Fanless PSU has a feature that many find desireable, and as you might have guessed it, that is silence. High efficiency and noise-less performance go hand in hand, but those qualities do not come cheap, however if you are willing to spend, you can own a high end PSU that will never offend your ears.
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    Paul, I just want to thank you again for taking the time to perform all these tests and write the 9 page write-ups, even though nobody reads them because Seasonic is Seasonic.

    I actually read this one (mostly) due to no fan. In all honesty though, it seems like any rig pulling 600W is going to need some kind of active cooling - and most PSU fans these days are decently quiet 120mm so I guess I don't understand the target user. That Corsair SF600 @ $115, or even Seasonic's own PRIME Platinum 650 @ $130, make very compelling arguments.

    You really should do a Seasonic April Fool's review someti-*BOOM*
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  3. Luke M

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    Apr 20, 2016
    High power fanless is kind of a weird niche. A 200W fanless model might make more sense.
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    I agree, a very high capacity fanless isn't as strong of a proposition. That being said, I'd rather have the capacity than not (it leaves for more flexibility in future builds with that PSU - not to mention, Seasonic do make lower capacity fanless PSUs). A passive PSU allows for more user control over the air noise (passive or active) in a way that most PSUs don't allow for (even if they have fan controllers, you are generally stuck with the OEM's fan choice).

    In practice, I was somewhat disappointed in my last fanless Seasonic, many years ago. It was fanless, but not silent (it had coil whine that was never present in other Seasonic PSUs, nor any of the PSU/Mobo/GPU configurations I had).
    Since it was a semi-passive desktop build right on my desk, I eventually scrapped the build altogether in favor of smaller desktops (SFX PSUs). I promptly stuffed those smaller desktops behind my desk, which muffles the noise (not completely).

    I like the semi-passive nature of that desktop build, since the components were all passive. If need be, a case fan would spin up to give a little bit of help (in my use, it never needed the fan's help).
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    Thanks for the review. Wish I needed one or five of the beasties.
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    See new PSU review. See the PSU is from Seasonic. Already know there is an [H] Gold award waiting at the end. Not comfortable with fanless though. I'm a firm believer in active cooling. Passive cooling of any kind is not for me. Nevertheless, Seasonic clearly hit it outta tha park again with this PSU. If I had this PSU I'd have no complaints, and no problems using it. As always, mad props to them, and especially to the [H] crew.
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    Fyi my Corsair AX750 has never had the fan engage that I'm aware of. The rest of my rig and my place are quiet enough that I'd notice.

    Unlikely to have anything to worry about with a fanless model.
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    I have never heard my Seasonic x750, that I remember.
  9. Aluminum

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    Sep 18, 2015
    Ironically the biggest roadblock is their own normal powersupplies: I have several of their plat & titanium 750/850/1000 with the hybrid switches and they are either fan off or practically silent under most conditions anyways. With those you have the peace of mind that the fans will turn on and ramp up if really required.

    If I absolutely could not have fan noise no matter what I would definitely pick seasonic though.
  10. nightanole

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    I was hoping for a sealed heatsink case...

    This is just relying on the case fan to push some air through it. That in itself will be a problem with a lot of case having their own power supply "pod" that sucks outside air directly into the ps and right back out into the world.
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    Jan 13, 2016
    I got the Seasonic Platinum 460W Fanless PSU and it is the best PSU I've aver owned, This will be a good replacement for it.