Seasonic Platinum-1000 Drawing

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Re: Seasonic
Finally, a company that builds quality PSUs that look good and last a log time. No gimicks.
I have an Antec PSU that's still going strong after almost 5 years. I only bought it cuz it was built by Seasonic.
I like the silence, efficiency, and power quality of the Seasonic X series. I always recommend these PSU's when asked.
Seasonic isn't about glamour or flare. They produce top end PSU's that are quiet, efficient, and just plain work.
Considering SLI, but not too sure I'd down with the adventure with a Corsair HX620. Wouldn't mind upgrading my specs to a 1kw Seasonic :)
I like how they keep the fan off until needed. I leave my PC on, and this way the fan won't build up dust or wear out while the PC is idling.
Seasonic makes amazing power supplies. Arguably the best modular power supplies on the market.
Bought a X760 when Microcenter started selling them. It's been a great powersupply, and love that the fan doesn't turn on unless under a higher load. What's to say about Seasonic, except that they're the best? :)
My Seasonic 750W still going almost 5 years later now. Solid company imo.
I've never had a friend who's had a Seasonic PSU fail on them, and I certainly wouldn't mind being part of that group. ;]
My x760 in my desktop is very quiet and reliable. I would love to put it in my server though. :D
Seasonic sets the standards for high end power supplies. Hands down the best on the market. Fantastic product at a reasonable price.
Solid company with solid products.

why choose anyone else
Solid reputation. Great track record. Other top brands are rebadging Seasonic PSU's under thier own trusted name.
Hmm.. is this a random number generated drawing

Seasonic makes high quality, energy efficient power supplies...
Its the basis of everyones designs, and that means something when your product is effectively licensed to reputable companies and then producing reputable power supplies.
I'm a huge Seasonic fan boy because they are quiet reliable and clean beasts. My computer got stolen so I could just use a break.
I like Seasonic because they're one of the few to actually make a fully modular psu with a short cable pack, perfect for my server.
LOVE Seasonic PSU's...well made and reliable, just can't go wrong with them...I have all four of my boxes running on them.
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