Seasonic Platinum-1000 Drawing

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holy f-balls...a 80PLUS platinum kilowatt psu...

I'm in!

btw...I've got a few seasonics myself.
two X750's (80PLUS Golds) and a fanless 400 (also 80 PLUS Gold)
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As mentioned..quiet, reliable and quality caps.

Plus my enermax liberty 620w is starting to show its age.
Seasonic has a consistently used only top quality ingredients, put together with great build quality. Their reputation is deservedly earned.
I need to replace an ailing PC power and cooling 1KW , Silverstone is a solidly built silent running power supply that would last the average user 3-4 upgrades without a problem.
Seriously neeed a new PowerSupply


NO I am TOTALLY serious here...




Serious here!!!
Love my corsair ax 850 which is built by Seasonic. Would love to get a bit more juice for some trifire love.
Seasonics are the best PSUs available, they excel in every area from build quality to electrical performance and do so while being silent & efficient.
I wish I could afford one; because Seasonic's quality has been consistent through the years... which is unfortunately more than what I can say about most other OEM brands.
I personally have only 1 Seasonic power supply and that is the SS-350SFE. It has been a great little power supply so far. I feel it has a good build quality to it. After running this power supply in a gaming sfx computer, I can honestly recommend Seasonic now.
I honestly haven't had any experience with them but I'd love to win one to have my first experience with :)
seasonic has always been about quality, thanks for the contest.
seasonic power supplies look classy, perform great, and are reasonably priced! I love them.
Well I like that I have the chance to win something. And now that I checked out the newegg link, gotta say it is a nice looking PSU.
whats not to like, sincerest form of flattery is imitation, some of best psu's out there are re-branded seasonics
Seasonic is my favorite brand of power supplies. They make top quality power supplies that a lot of other vendors use also. Quiet, reliable power supplies with awesome features and warranties.
SeaSonic makes some of the best PSU's, and I've started to buy their products and have come to really like them! It would be an honor to win this!
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