SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

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My favorite is the one I own - the X-560. Fully modular, powers my GTX 670 and Phenom II X4 980 with ease, is compact and quiet (the fan doesn't spin until its needed). Best power supply I've ever owned.
Seasonic G360 is excellent for office and HTPC builds. Excellent quality and noise levels for a very decent price!
X-Series modular PSU's seem to be really good. Always been a fan of Seasonic but havn't always been able to afford one :/
I have built a large number of PC's that used their X-660 PSU because it is so reliable. Seasonic is among a very very few PSU's that I would trust in any machine I build.

As for why I would like to win? Well my wifes and my current rig both have aging Enermax Liberty 620's in them. They are both at least 6 years old at this point and I feel they have more than paid for themselves. It is time to step up to the next level as I can't do any further upgrades until I replace those. Getting a new Seasonic would be huge for me.
SeaSonic- I have been building Gaming PCs for people for years, using Power Supplies made by SeaSonic. Face it, you have too, as they make PS for Antec and Corsair also. These PS are of the highest quality, longest warranty, and some of the quietest Power Supplies on the market. I have always picked power supplies with a 5 year warranty and these are the ones that SeaSonic builds. Their own brand has even better warranties, with models ranging from 5 to 7 years. If you don't need an upgrade after 7 years, then you don't really need a PC. Buy SeaSonic, or stay at home dog.....
Seasonic is definitely one of the top PSU manufacturers. Moreover, I've yet to own one.
Platinum 520 Fanless (SS-520FL²) is impressive for supplying plenty of high quality power fanlessly
My favorite is the Seasonic X-Series: X-850 a power supply that can earn gold from HardOCP is great in my book.
I've done builds with a few M12II 430 power supplies. They're awesome! I need a bigger one for my next build. :hint hint:
Just recieved a super nice Seasonic velvet bag and inside was an even nicer gold PSU. Love the flat modular cables.
My favorite SeaSonic product is either the M12II Bronze Series 750W or the M12II Bronze Series 850W.

Why? Because it's FREE...d;^)
My first gaming PC had a SeaSonic PSU and I've stuck with SeaSonic since then. Also, thanks for sponsoring my club's LAN parties SeaSonic!
My current power supply, an Enermax Liberty 500, has served me well for the past 7 years but it only has 22 A on the 12v line, and just doesn't cut it anymore. Time for a change!
Power Supplies....Because their just like the Energizer Rabbit...they keep on runnin and runnin
Favourite Seasonic product? My X760. It's been a year and I've yet to hear the fan from it. The same can be said for my X660. Aside from that, that gold colour scheme is just gorgeous to look at every time.
Obviously their power supplies. I have one in a storage server and it's fantastic. Would love another!
My current psu is the SeaSonic M12II 520 Bronze 520W ATX12V v2.3 / EPS 12V v2.91 SLI Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply. My powersupply cables are tidy. This power supply is quiet and trouble free. What more could one ask for?
I am the proud owner of a SeaSonic M12II 620W 80 Plus Bronze certified power supply. In two years time I've owned it, it hasn't let me down. I live well outside the city and the power grid here is terrible. Line voltage sags in the summer, transients, etc. The SeaSonic keeps right on chugging along. I highly recommend SeaSonic for its high quality, stability, reliability, and attention to detail. :cool:
I've a SeaSonic S12II 430B 430W. I liked it because it doesn't let me know it exist.
I have a XFX 750 Black Edition which is a SeaSonic and its been awesome for years. Nothing but quality from this company.
I considered making up some bullshit story about the greatness of a Seasonic product that I've never owned just to be considered in the drawing but, truth is, I've never used their gear. Maybe it's good, maybe not. I dunno. I'd give it a shot if I won one though.
Their power supplies because they are feature rich and comparably priced.
I love their power supplies because they offer very high quality workmanship, build, and high efficiency, along with great value. Love em love em love!!!:p
I think one of my older servers has a 350watt seasonic power supply. Its the only one I haven't had to replace a blown up or dead power supply in.
I had a M12D 850watt PSU that I bought 4 years ago back in 2009,
I Live in North Carolina, and we have quite a few Storms here annually, needlessly to say, a Big Lightning Storm came through My area back in early September of 2010,
I wasmt ho,e at the time (at the hospital with wife giving birth to twin Daughters yippe!!!):rolleyes:
and when we came home the next day, it seems a Lightning Bolt hit my home and fried my TV, Refrigerator , Microwave, Stero system (nnnnooooo!!!!) and my Gaming Rig (why me)

well after the insurance company helped me with replacing some items,(week later)
I took apart my rig and found that my 9800gt,my ddr ram,my Duo core and mobo were all fried except for one Component............that's right u guessed it, the Seasonic M12D was still working..............LOL!

I used it in another rig that my neighbor gave me, for a year until I gave it to my nephew.
anyways im trying to build a rig , surely but slowly (kids are expensive:D )

what I wouldn't give (except wife and kids) to have another Seasonic PSU/Gaming Rig:D

2 Great things Happened that year /month, 2 baby twins, and my Seasonic M12d Survived a Big Lightnong Storm.........
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