SeaSonic M12II Power Supply Lucky Draw

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Well the fanless would be great to have in a home server build or build for my kids, cool and quiet
The Platinum series power supplies. I'm running a 1000w in my desktop and the 660w in my LAN box.
I'd have to say my favorite is the SS-660XP2.
Been running it in my home server with no issues and it is very quiet.
Plan on building my daughter a new PC and a new Seasonic would fit the bill nicely.
I have never owned a Seasonic product before, but the Seasonic M12II Bronze Series 850W will no doubt be my favorite if I when.
I've had plenty of PSUs with Seasonic internals. Never had a single issue with any of them. :cool:
My Seasonic Platinum 1000....reliable, quite, efficient, clean power I can count on.
My favorite seasonic product is the SS-350TGM -- it's tiny and quiet and fits amazingly well in my repurposed-stereo-receiver htpc case!
My favorite SeaSonic product is the G Series 550W because it's quiet and efficient
850AX. Powered my biggest builds with zero issues. I've built hundreds of machine over the last half dozen years and Seasonic has not let me down.
I bought a few SeaSonic supplies here at work. So far they have been reliable and quiet.
The power supplies are reliable, quite, and do work. My next power supply will be a seasonic X760 or something very close to that.
I wanted a SeaSonic M12-something (they've been making that line for a while, no?) *so* badly for the build I was working on a few years ago, but it never came to pass due to lack of budget.. This would help jump-start!
My last build, a Hyper-V server, has a Seasonic PSU. Totally rock solid and great experience.
My favorite is the SeaSonic Platinum-1000. Big, efficient, and modular. What's not to like?
I've absolutely loved my Seasonic x-650 GOLD. Best PSU I've ever owned- silent, and completely stable.
"What is your favorite SeaSonic product and why?"
This one! Why? Because I really need one after I fried my other one. :) I've always heard great things about SeaSonic, but haven't had the chance to try one. Would like that to start with this one.
I've never owned a seasonic brand psu, but I'd love to try one out since I've heard good things about their build quality.
My favorite product is the SeaSonic Platinum 1000, as it is basically the best PSU on the market.

My second favorite is the SeaSonic SS-300ET, as it is a GREAT psu for normal everyday computers like office machines and such.
I wish I could say i have a favorite product. I am building a new system and was researching power supplies and i was impressed with the 750 and would love to have that power supply in my new system build,
I like the SII 520 and 620w power supplies because I can use them in a build for a friend and know it will be reliable.
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