Seasonic High Voltage Lucky Draw

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Seasonic - the guys the OTHER HIGH QUALITY guys go to to get power supplies rebranded from
I have never owned anything Seasonic branded, now is your chance to change me.
trusted name in the industry. so trusted, a lot of companies re-brand them to make them their own!
Top rated. Efficient. Modular. Won't break the bank. Single 12v rail! Tons of connectors. And I will need it for my next build.
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Seasonic is one of those brands you buy when you want a PSU that will last you through the lifetime of not just one build, but several builds. They quite simply never die.

:D :D :D
Seasonic has always set the bar for how PSU's should be made!

As for the price, well you get what you pay for.
So yes, a FREE Seasonic PSU would be fantastic!
I run the Seasonic X-Series 80 Plus Gold in my current rig and it's rock solid and quiet as a mouse! Seasonic... accept no substitutes!

The most reliable power supply with the lowest noise ever made. Thier power supplies surpass every other power supply in quality, reliability, and effiency. When you use Seasonic, your using the best--period.
Currently rocking a Seasonic made PSU and I wouldn't have it any other way-they have become synonymous with extremely high quality products.
I <3 Seasonic because they make the most rock solid PSU's I've used to date, including the Corsair OEM rebrands :)
Seasonic is quiet, efficient and I have an X750 that powers my hybrid physx system. 2 6950 unlocked and a GTX 460 with my i7-950 CPU overclocked to 4.2ghz with no problems at.
Their name makes me think of being seasick.. sooo that's kinda cool I guess.... 1250w FTW!!
I have used Seasonic PSUs exclusively for the last 5 years or so. They pretty much kick ass!
Great warranty, top tier DC output quality and superior voltage regulation what more could anyone want? Buy it right…buy it once
They keep making me want to upgrade my current non-Seasonic power supply that has no issues.
The power supply can be compared to the trunk of a tree, everything branches off from that.

A small trunk can only support small branches. One big wind storm and the whole thing topples over.

Seasonic PSUs are like planting a giant sequoia tree. Hit it with a tornado and it won't even flinch.

This PSU should have been named the Seasonic 1250w Sequoia Series.
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