Screw Dell...get the MSI Geforce 8800 GT from BestBuy

Bestbuy business cancelled my order of the Corsair XMS2 DHX memory - 4 GB ( 4 x 1 GB ) - DIMM 240-pin - for $58.99

I don't think they use real time inventory either. I only order from places like newegg or others that show when they have stock. Unless you like to backorder instead of order.
Ever since Dell charged me $203 for a $46 without notifying me, I refuse to shop with them.

I didn't catch it until I checked my CC statement. Dell said they had every right to change the order and offered me a $10 coupon on my next order. Visa sided with them because of some fine print and dell had an invoice of $203 even though all the web order information said $46.
Nice one cosmos. Dell screwed me over in a much different way but had the same unprofessionalism. I still buy Dell, but I buy it all used w/ warranty. Lol.
I ordered the MSI at BBB a week ago.
It shipped a day later, and three days after ordering it I was holding the 8800GT in my hands. :eek:
They shipped from Illinois.
thanks for the info.

I put my order into DELL a month ago for a XFX 8800GT and it is STILL IN PRODUCTION.

I will sacrifice a few extra dollars to get my video card