Screen goes black when accessing movie file/tv tuner???


[H]F Junkie
Dec 24, 2001
When even right clicking once on a mpeg file or similar my screen goes all black. Without ever opening the file. The same of course when playing it. Also when starting my tv tuner the same phenomena occur?

Can be a CAT 3.10 issue but I don´t think so since I have used it before with no problem at all.

Anyone else experience this? The only solution is a reboot.
What are you using to play videos?

My thoughts, go into the options for that program, disable overlay. See if that fixes it. Sounds like Overlay is broken in your drivers. If so, wipe drivers thoroughly and reinstall.
I don´t think I ever have used overlay but perhaps the 3.10 enables it by default? Am using the same programs as ever. Windows media player and Leadtek TV 2000XP Deluxe software.